So many ideas flying through my mind…

Which one will speak to your heart?

Which one will get into the depths of your heart and get you back in touch with your vision?

Because I see you…


Thinking that maybe, you are not cut out for the prosperous life that you desire…

Trying to tell yourself that you can be happy to keep taking the comfortable, broad but somewhat depressing path…

That you can tame the lion inside of you…

I see you, honey!

I see the despair at times as you think that you have to be happy with life as it is…

That maybe you are deluded for thinking that you can be more, have more, do more…

And I must remind you that…

You are born for greatness

Born to live FULFILLED



It is not some mistaken delusion.

It is truth

And there is a resonance in the heart of you…


And you long for it.

But you can only have it, if you stop settling…

Stop finding reasons to give up

Stop telling yourself that the vision inside of you is greedy and that your higher power wants you to be humble!

NO HONEY, THAT WAS JUST OTHER JEALOUS PEOPLE trying to condition you for smallness…

Some were simply misguided spiritual leaders who had given up on their own big dreams and wanted to save you the heartbreak of hope deferred

They thought they were doing you a favour by twisting the sacred texts to make it seem like it was ‘holy’ and ‘spiritual’ to settle for less.

They were not doing you a favour.

They were killing your spirit.

And they were slowing the evolution of the planet

Because you are that important, honey.


You are born to make a difference…

You are born with purpose and vision within you that is yours to fulfil…

The only question is


Will you be your most POWERFUL self?

Because that is all that is required…

You need to remember who you are and BE IT with gusto…

You need to reconnect in a more intimate way with your intuition so that you can live by divine guidance which will return you to your true design.

And stop thinking that that means you have to settle for less than total abundance, including in your finances because that is not true.

Abundance & Prosperity in all areas is your divine heritage.

I do not promise you ease on the narrow path because you have believed lies for way too long and now you are going to do the work of transitioning to a place of truth.

However, I promise you fulfilment



As you step onto, and STAY ON, the narrow path for you…

The path to your destiny

This is YOUR ONE LIFE, why not go after every single thing that you desire?

Do you not see that though it is about you, it is also about everyone you have the potential to impact?

And you long to be of impact in a bigger bolder way than you have done to date…

You long for it

It scares you and you wonder if you can

But you see the picture of the life you are supposed to be living, inside of you


I know there are every day concerns to think about and I am not telling you to drop everything and run…

What I am saying is, give yourself the opportunity, a REAL opportunity to create the life you are born to live

The one you crave deeply but wonder if you can create.


But not while you sit there on the fence.

Dithering, procrastinating, worrying that you are not up to the task

Honey, you are capable of your calling

Time to speed up

time to CHOOSE to be certain

Time to put yourself in an environment where you can be encouraged daily  to live the call on your life


Because honey, you are the only thing in your way.

God/Universe/Higher Power does not stop you

If anything, He wants to give you EVERYTHING

But you must be the one to claim it.

To choose to get on the narrow path, stay on the narrow path, DECIDE that you will never GET OFF IT AGAIN

Prosperity in all areas is yours – This is what I call the DELIBERATE LIFE and I invite you to it now.

This is your one life – Will you choose to make the most of it?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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