There was a time when I felt it was a pipe dream to think I could replace my pharmacist income in my own online business…

It felt unreal…

Pharmacy was real

Pharmacy paid the bills

Pharmacy was solid

And I had worked very hard to get there

My parents had worked very hard to get me there

I did not think I was cut out for business

I seemed more suited to academic work

Yes, I loved singing and speaking and writing

And I used them at church

I wrote songs

I wrote in my journal

I dreamt of writing my own book

I hoped to lead worship more at church and maybe one day, be given more of a platform in the Christian circles

I counselled and coached people at church.

I prayed with them, healed them…

Even offered a home to a few people…

But all that was just something you did on the side…

And maybe when you retired from real world stuff like being a pharmacist, then MAYBE you could do it more full time…

And I would have continued that way

If not for the fact that I had been praying and asking the Divine for expansion

I have always wanted more

I have always wanted to grow

BUT I felt it made me proud

I felt my pride was another reason why I would never be able to do the things I really wanted to do because I wanted it too much…

I kinda felt that the Divine would keep it from me because I was not humble enough

(some weird twisted logic there but that is the way it felt to me – it felt as though I had to sacrifice my dreams in order to please the Divine and of course, to avoid hell!)

Well, my soul wanted more

My prayers were answered

Not in the way I had hoped

But it was the only way to get me to move (and I am very thankful for it now!)




My 3 princesses – This last one was absolutely what I wanted!

Finally I woke up

I ALLOWED myself to do something different

I had dabbled before

But never gone all the way in

I DECIDED it would work

It did.

I got help

I got support

I stretched myself in ways I did not think I could

I was stronger and more courageous and relentless than I had ever thought

I expanded

I change more lives

I make more money

I am so thankful

I now invite you to your next level spiritual journey

Your $5k or more months

Yes, it is a spiritual journey

You become more like God as you begin to see the power hiding within you

You want this

Do not wait to be kicked out of the nest, because YOU WILL BE!

(Your soul wants to grow, whether you are conscious of this or not so it is only a matter of time before you will be forced to by circumstances that seem hard.)

MAKE THE DECISION to go all in



You just need to allow it.

no more dabbling

Go All the Way In

The Abundance Library and I can help you

Your mind needs retraining to allow you to create the success you actually want.

Start your 30 day immersion now at

Much Amazing Love

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