One Way To Get Clear On What You Want

What do you want

A few days ago, I gave a talk at an IT meetup – Not a normal arena for me by any means… I warned them upfront that they were not going to hear anything technical during my talk and they seemed to take it in their stride.

Anyway, the talk was on goal setting, it is, after all, January and everyone is creating their year and hoping it all works out well. Most have already fallen off the wagon and settled into living life the way they always have whereas others, like me, keep renewing goals and getting clearer and clearer on what we want.


Really, truly?

Or do you still have vague ideas of making things happen somehow even if you are not completely sure WHAT YOU WANT.

The thing is if you do not clearly define what you want… How will you know when you get there?

  • How will you know that what you are currently doing is useful for getting you where you want to go?
  • How will you know if you are mistakenly continuing actions that are taking you further and further away from where you want to be?

People spend a lot of their time running round in circles, hoping, praying that somehow, someway they will get to a great result.

Why not deliberately design your life?

And it all starts with the question ‘What do you want?’

And when I say, what do you want?

I do not mean ‘What do you think you SHOULD want?

I mean – What do YOU want?

A lot of life is spent with people telling us what to do and what to want and trying to control our thought patterns. From parents to teachers, Lecturers to bosses, pastors, politicians, partners, children, marketers, gurus – EVERYONE has a say over what we do and that can mean that we stop thinking for ourselves.

And then you start to take action based on what you think you ought to want except subconsciously you end up sabotaging your own efforts because it is not really what you want.

I worked with a client who claimed he did not know what he wanted but as is usually the case, he KNEW what he did not want and it is ok to start there.

What you do not want can start the process to clarifying exactly what you do want.

What if you started to allow yourself to eliminate little by little the things you did not want? How would life look?

And then as you created space for yourself by getting rid of things you disliked, would you then be able to see a bit better what you did want? OR maybe even just the act of replacing things you did not like with things you did, could create an amazingly awesome life.


I knew I no longer wanted to do pharmacy so as I took the actions to get rid of pharmacy, I created a new way to make money and when that no longer satisfied, I re-jigged things to allow me more time to do the stuff I want to do.




Writing, speaking, coaching, sometimes even singing with dabs of property investing to grow my wealth.


And life is so much more fulfilling than it used to be, my businesses continue to grow and more and more of life is just the way I want it.


This could be your story too. So start today to create the life you want and stop living the one you don’t by deliberate design!


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