It is easy to think that the money you desire or the love you want, has to come from one specific physical person or place.

And when that falls through, there is a tendency to think that all hope is lost. PANIC STATIONS!

But actually, there are many, many , MANY Ways for the Divine to get your good to you, if you would simply relax and allow.

If you would let go of your attachment to how it must look and who it must come through and instead, just stay focused and clear on the desires of your heart, trusting that it will come to you in the highest and best way possible.

THERE IS ONLY ONE SOURCE – The Divine / God/ Universe/ HIgher Self – Whatever name you choose.

There are many, many, INNUMERABLE ways for what you desire to come.

Probably more ways than you know.

So do not get all caught up in the ‘how’.

Just be clear on the ‘what’.

Stay connected to Source.

Act DECISIVELY on those intuitive nudges.

Have full expectation that everything you desire is making its way to you in the physical world.

See it as done in the inner world.

And even when it seems like everything is shaking in your physical existence, TRUST.

Everything is always working out for your good.

Again, TRUST.

I invite you to work with me in WIN THE WAR WITHIN as I teach you how to cultivate the most important feeling of all when seeking to manifest more abundance into every area of life.

Much Amazing Love

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