One great offer, priced really well, can generate an annual income of 6 figures or more.

That is all you need.

You do not need to write all the books

You do not need to keep coming up with new ideas for programs, packages and offerings

You do not need to drive yourself insane as you try to be all things to all people

ONE GREAT OFFER is all you need.


But focus feels difficult when things are not working as fast as you would like them to and so, you start messing around changing things that do not need to be changed.

You start reacting to the fear inside of you that convinces you that busy work is what will work.

You tell yourself to lower your prices, you convince yourself that you are called by the Divine to serve those who cannot pay you and so you start attracting more people who do not even want to pay the lower price

You tell yourself to create lots of low cost offerings because maybe then they will buy but they still don’t

You tell yourself that you must not be enough, that your work is just not good enough when that is not the problem AT ALL

Your business becomes nightmarish as you are working so hard to get absolutely nowhere

You start, you stop. you start, you stop.

And most just quit at this point.

But youa re not most so you keep pushing, you keep trying this and trying that

YOu are all the way in

But it is taking its toll on you, isn’t it?

Though you slap a smile on your face, you are getting desperate inside

You are wondering if you will ever break through

You are fed up of people asking you how the business is going as you just do not even know how to answer them anymore.

And you feel upset with the Divine because you really did feel you were following intuition

OK, are you done with all that?

Are you ready to get focused?

And also, are you ready to TRUST?

Because you will need trust to stay on path until you hit 6 figures.  There will be times when it really does feel like nothing is working and you will be TEMPTED to try some other magical offer that, of course, will just work so much easier.

YOu have done all that already and it did not work so STOP already.

ONE OFFER, priced really well, IS ALL YOU NEED.

So what is your one offer?

And before you go, if you are truly committed and determined to create a 6 figure income from your coaching, healing, course-creator business by this time next year, download a free copy of my book – The 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR book at

Much Amazing Love

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