One of those days…

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It has been one of those days actually where it feels like you are running with all your might to stand still.  Being a landlord is great and not so great as well.  Today has been one of those ‘not so great’ days.  A house I thought was full suddenly lost a tenant for reasons they could not have foreseen which I empathize with but I am now in the position of looking for another tenant which is annoying as I am also trying to move forward to the next property.  Oh well, one of those things…

Just keep moving forward, I say!  (After hours of expressing my frustrations to Tloml! 🙂 )

Days like this happen to everyone surely?

You know when you would just love life to be perfect all the time and you wake up with great hope for the day but then hours pass and frustration has been the name of the game all day.  People do not turn up when they say they will, things break down just when there is no money to repair them, someone criticizes you or the work you do or even worse, your parenting methods!!!!, the kids show you up at that present moment, you receive points on your license for speeding.  If you are a mother, you feel guilty for not doing something or the other with your kids as a result of all the little errands you now have to perform.

The day is just NOT going well.

What do you do in that situation?  Vent and rage and get in a mood or recognize that life can be that way sometimes.  I must admit I sometimes want to pack it all in and blame life for being too hard.  But then how can I face myself everyday?  So I talk it all out (or cry!), over and over to Tloml (Poor Chap!) and usually he gives me a new way to look at it or just the process of talking makes a great difference to my mood.

And then, I get on with it.

No one promises us ease in life, at least not at the start of something new.  It might get easier as we progress and even that is not definite.  What I do know that as we continually grow as people by expanding our comfort zones, we gain more satisfaction and pleasure in the person we become.  Not someone who lives in regret and wishes, but someone who lives a full life.

All the best guys!  Have a great Week!

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