One Major Thing Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Avoid That Prevents Income & Business Growth

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Over the last few days, I have had quite a few people tell me that I make creating useful information look easy and they could not do the same as me.

When I hear this, I must admit I smile and think of how tough I find it at time to create all that I do and all that I want to.  There are days when it feels like I am dragging nails through my head just to scratch up a new idea, there are days when creating wealth in the way that I want to feels tough because I cannot figure out what to say to you that will uplift you and cause you to want to take action & invest in your own progress.

Selling & Creating Business Growth using words feels tough at times and yet we must do it.

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your chosen field, you will need to produce useful content.  You will need to create stuff that your people think is valuable and I really do not care what market you are in.

If you want to be more than just a commodity business where you are competing on price all the time and devaluing yourself then producing content in the form of words, pictures etc is just what you have to do.

The problem for a lot of business owners is that they are sooo busy working in their business that making the time to actually do something that will generate leads is the last thing on their mind.

They are trapped in the old ways of doing business, which just do not work as effectively alone anymore. We are in the information age, people want more information.  They want to read reviews, they want to know that you know what you are talking about, they want to feel like they know you a little.

Just because you are comfortable with the old ways of doing things, does not mean that you must stay stuck doing them and it really makes it harder for you to attract clients into your business.

Look at people like Richard Branson – He does not need more money, surely and yet… He writes articles regularly on LinkedIn and other places.  Sir Alan Sugar – The Apprentice is a form of content creation as he keeps himself in the eye of the public. Donald Trump – Same Thing, Robert Kiyosaki – Same thing.

Listen, you do not have to write like I am doing here.  You could speak what you have to say about your product into your mobile phone and get it transcribed or leave it as a video that your people can watch on your website and get educated.

So many in your field are not doing it so stand out and be the one that dares to be seen as the expert.

For some of you, you are still caught up in refusing to think of yourself as an expert & caring far too much what others will think of you when they see you appearing in their Facebook newsfeed.  You think you are just a little business owner that does not have anything much to offer but that small thinking is killing off the growth of your business & life.

Right now, make a choice to spend a little time each day, speaking some message about some aspect of your product or service that is entertaining, useful, and inspirational to your peeps.  Either write it down or just do a video using your phone and put it on your Facebook Page or your website.

Determine to do it each day in a range of ways and I promise you, that you will start to create wealth in ways you never thought would happen for you because you are serving more people.

Go on!  Do the work!

Create the life & business you want, Stop living the one you don’t

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