How did you get here?

In this life that feels so different from what you thought life would be like when you were grown up.

You wonder this question many times.

How did you get here?

Well, it was one step at a time

Ignoring the things you did not like.

telling yourself some story about having to put up with it.

telling yourself that you had no choice.

That this was just the way adulthood worked.

Telling yourself that it was the nice thing to do to keep your parents, siblings, friends, partner happy.

Telling yourself that the Divine demanded that you do things that were was alien to your true design nature.

Telling yourself that this was ‘love’.

Choice by choice, choosing everyone and EVERYTHING ELSE while ignoring your own desires.

That is how you got here.

Do you like it here?

There are other options, my love.

You are that powerful person that can change the whole course of your life, if you will choose to.

Step by step, choice by choice, you can start to listen within and actually respond to what you do desire.

I know it feels like you are stuck here and you have no choice but to keep up the status quo.

But that is just another one of those limiting stories you tell yourself that keeps you stuck in place, doing all the things you do not really care to do.


AWAKEN the part of you that can fight for yourself.

Because you have suppressed that inner warrior when you were told one time too many that you were just TOO MUCH.

And you allowed their words to mean something bad about you.


Return to your own territory.

Stop trying to do life in someone else’s playing field.

There is no fulfilment or joy to be found there.

Just more hoops to jump through.

More people to appease.

More sadness to feel.

More stagnancy.

More scarcity.

More of all the stuff you do not want.



Immerse yourself in empowering ideas.

Repair your relationship to YOURSELF.

Repair your relationship to the Divine – you have some pretty weird ideas about this that keep you from tapping completely into your power source.

AWAKEN, my love.

You are born for something more.

And that is why you feel that inner emptiness as you try to force yourself to live this tamed existence.


Start your immersion now and leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design life.

It starts with a mindset reset.

You were programmed to accept this nonsense and it is time to reprogram yourself for TRUE DESIGN success.

You CAN get back on track to your free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.


Much Amazing Love

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