As a child, I knew who I was called to be…

I had this vision inside of me but even then I was listening to the adults in my life telling me that regular people like me did not get to live a life of vision…

So I followed the rules while doing the things I really wanted to do, on the side…

I became the pharmacist and hoped that one day, I would get to do my vision work

I had seen poverty in Nigeria and I definitely did not want my children to experience that

But how the heck was my vision ever going to come to life, if I did not choose to do something to bring it to life?

Like you, I was kinda hoping that one day, when I was older and wiser and things were more settled then… THEN I would get to do what I really want to do…

So many die with that thought in their mind because they NEVER get round to it and there is all this regret as they suddenly realise they were the only thing in their own way.

Thankfully, I saw the light!

Someone like you who had chosen to go the path of his calling and become a coach, CALLED ME OUT!

And I finally, after lots of messing around, began doing my purpose work and making money from it.

I will not pretend that everything was always easy

It was downright hard and freaking terrifying, at times…

I had a lot of stuff to overcome in my mind

The crazy thing is that I can look back and see that it was all internal stuff…

Building business itself is fairly straightforward but when you add on a crazy inner world, everything goes to hell!

Nothing was stopping me from simply speeding forward into my destiny but like the Israelites of old, I had a lot of lack-based thinking to overcome

Working with coaches, and in mastermind groups helped me see what I could never have seen alone

Working with coaches and mastermind groups kept me from quitting (as well as my pig-headed determination – If someone else could live a life of freedom doing what they felt called to do then why the heck not me?!!!!)

Yes, you have started doing something

But you are start-stopping because the pull of the old and comfortable and familiar is still very strong and this path is not the easiest path on the planet to try and navigate alone…

Are you truly in?

Because if so and you have been in my community for any length of time because you like what I am about, I strongly suggest you stop trying to figure it all out alone, stop fighting the inevitable and I invite you to work with me for 8 weeks in the  Deliberate Millionaire Diamond Mastermind
It is for spiritual people determined to make their transition from an unfulfilling job/business to a fulfilling and highly-profitable online business that more than replaces their current income.

It is for those who are willing to do what it takes, inside and out, until it takes.

It is for those who are not looking for something complicated but simple strategies for accelerated business growth.

You will master the art of deliberately designing a free, fulfilled and financially abundant life.

? Simple strategies to keep you focused on generating a profit as soon as possible

? Deep inner clearing so you stop unknowingly sabotaging yourself

? Live weekly calls with me to handle any specific biz & personal growth issues

Find out more now at

Much Amazing Love

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