Dear Entrepreneur or Anyone Ready To Live Free & On Purpose,

Wouldn’t it be lovely if life always went the way you wanted it to?  If people always did what you wanted them to do?  Or at the very least, stopped doing things that hurt, offend or annoy you?

That would be lovely, right?

And yet, we live in the real world.  Things happen, People happen and it can be pretty hard to escape being hurt by something or someone at some point!

How tedious!

And even worse than that, you start to realise that all of that stuff has served to make you feel like you have an anchor on your back slowing you down & keeping you from fully experiencing success in all areas.

Not great!

You KNOW there is more to you than you are currently experiencing so how can you be free to be your powerful self AND create wealth in all areas?

There is hope!

Did you know there is a way to release yourself so you can start to flow freely towards your goals and make freedom, fulfilment & success an easy reality?

Did you know that right now, there are people who live free of their past dramas, past mistakes, past circumstances and have chosen to live life doing exactly what they want, free of the burdens of the past?

That could be you!

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Forgiveness – The Warrior’s 7 Step Journey To Freedom, Wealth & Happiness
How To Forgive

Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do.  You have been wronged, you deserve retribution and now you are lumbered with feelings that you struggle to overcome.

Feelings that keep you bound.

Feelings that affect the choices you make…

Feelings that affect how you approach relationships…

Feelings that stop you being productive & creating as much wealth as you would like…

Feelings that make you feel less than you really are.

On the surface, you are doing ok.

No one else can see what is really going on under the surface…

In fact on some days, even you think everything is going well.

You just are not where you want to be yet in your business, in your relationships, in your health – Nothing is quite there yet!

And it is certainly not because you are not doing the work.  You are working hard!  You don’t stop working hard and yet, everything around you is not quite right.

And when you stop working at whatever you are distracting yourself with, you don’t necessarily like what you see so you find a new distraction but it still does not get you anywhere.

How long can you go on in this way?

Pretending you are fine…

Pretending all is well…

Pretending that you have dealt with your hurts and your pains.

DSC_8723-EditI was like you and I can still be like you on some days, except now I have a coach holding me to account.

For a long while, I was fine or so it seemed on the surface, pretty good at all that I did.  I was always busy, distracting myself from my pain…

Dreaming of all the things I was going to create but never really getting anywhere fast – stuck in a cycle of start-stop.

The thing was, I did not even realise I had something to forgive someone for.  I thought it was my fault for feeling this way and as this was a person I respected, there must be something wrong with me.

People tried to tell me that there was something wrong with this relationship but it was all I knew so I discounted what they said and just kept trying to keep myself distracted from my feelings.

After years of this, I finally realised that there was in fact something wrong with this relationship and that it was ok for me to accept that, move away from it and I could choose to forgive the person involved.

I won’t lie, it was not easy and it is an ongoing deliberate journey but I was astounded by the difference it made to my business!

In just a few months, the ceiling I seemed to have hit in my business growth was destroyed and my business grew and grew.  And I can absolutely link it back to choosing to employ the power of forgiveness.

How long will you stay stuck?

You can move forward to a life of freedom, abundance, prosperity just by choosing to forgive.

I know it seems so unconnected and yet, we are emotional creatures.  Whatever affects us on the inside tends to show up on the outside as well and it will benefit you to face it down and learn how to forgive.

How To Forgive

And that is what this eCourse is about…

Forgiveness – So you can be free to create wealth any old how you like!

These are the topics we will work through

  • Getting into awareness – What you do, how you hold yourself back & why forgiveness is a must if you are going to be a Deliberate Millionaire

  • Getting out of the cycle – Yes, I get it, you want to pretend it is not that bad and yet, some nonsense keeps playing out over and over in your life and business – Time to break the cycle.

  • Owning your anger – You glimpse it but you keep pushing it down or it shows up in all the wrong places – Whichever way, dampening your emotions makes you unavailable in your business and life – time to own it, honey!

  • Playing The Victim – Yes, you have been wronged but who do you want to be? Victim or Victor?

  • Who is to blame? – Getting past feeling that you are inherently wrong – Owning your power and creating wealth knowing you soooo completely deserve it!

  • Choosing Yourself – Loving you, owning you, uncovering you so that you can be the deliberate millionaire you are born to be.

  • and so much more.

10 days of audio training and journal-ing exercises to help you make the transition from stuck, going in circles to free, productive and wealthy and loving you.

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What do others say about working with me…

“Rosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses.  I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries

“My coaching sessions helped to increase my self-esteem and gave me confidence to start and develop a successful business. In the sessions, I established weekly goals and action plans, which encouraged and motivated me to take one step at a time to overcome the challenges I faced.

She helped me look beyond my issues. Instead, she empowered me to establish solutions to them. I now fully believe I can overcome any obstacles and issues, which was something I previously thought impossible.

My business has continued to grow and, as a direct result of the coaching, my client base has doubled! “

Sam E

By the way, on reflection, and after listening to what people have been saying to me recently, I believe that I have virtually reached the level of personal development that I had hoped for. I now fully appreciate and understand that my life is totally dependent on me, and I know how to effect the changes that I need to lead a successful life. All of the solutions and the tools are totally within me. I really do have all the POWER within. Many years after attending Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event, I can now fully appreciate the core message that he was trying to tell us. I hold all of the power. I just need to make sure that I continue to take the necessary actions that are needed to bring about change.  By the way, the last 6 months has been very insightful and inspiring, and the change to my mindset has truly been life changing.
Leroy D, Property Investor

“Rosemary N Knight Mum in business coached me for 4 hours and I went out and did it. I had this fear of ‘what if it does not work’ which she helped me to break. She is awesome. Those of you who want to do business but have worries about the unknown, I strongly recommend her is you want to succeed quickly.”

Stella M

 “Thank you so much for spending time with me, and helping me to get “unstuck” you have really helped me move forward and get a clearer idea of where I’m heading with my business!

Fran from Tenacious Bloom

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