OK, so here goes…

My first post, I draw a line in the sand and come out in the open.  This is me telling the world that I am in business.  Am I nervous?  Definitely! (There were another two words I wanted to use but thought better of it!)  Is this going to work?  I surely hope so though I am convinced that the key is sticking at it until I get it right.

Now the thing about me is that I love to talk… and talk… and talk some more so I am slightly worried that that is all I will end up doing.  I surely hope not!  However, as I enjoy talking and sharing my crazy brain with people, I thought I may as well do both – Take action and also talk about it.

So what am I doing?  Well, the truth is there are a few things I would love to do.  Anyone that knows me knows I love to sing.  I also (as I have said already) love to talk! :-), I am interested in the stock market too and also love the idea of helping people improve their health and live their best life.  I have plans for all these interests sometime soon but my immediate concern is property.

Why property?  Well, one reason being that my darling hubby (who shall henceforth be known as ‘the love of my life’ -tloml) and I have always considered property to be our pension fund as we have never really been convinced by pension plans which are usually run by some fund manager we do not know and dependent on the stock market not crashing etc.  Anyway, I can go more into that in the future.  Another reason is that I should be able to do this from home around my lovely, lovely girls – the amazing V, E and H.  In fact they are my main reason for doing this as I want a different life for them than I had.

I suppose this journey is about achieving financial freedom – what does that mean to me? Having the time and resources for Tloml and I to be with our babies without ‘having to’ have a proper job.  This is particularly important to me as I am about to officially start educating my children (not that I have not already been doing it but V would have been starting school this September so it is official now.)   So this blog is going to be a mini relay of my days, my fears, my successes/failures, homeschooling stuff etc.  Hopefully, it will all end well but I suppose I will keep going until it does.

Enough for now…

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