Don’t Be One Of The Broke Ones – Obey This Law To Attract More Wealth

Wealth Attraction

There is a law of money that many try to pretend does not exist. That law is the one of sowing and reaping.


A lot of people seem to think that they can get everything for absolutely nothing from them.


Now depending on who you listen to, they will tell you that you need to sow money to reap money and you may find yourself feeling a little stuck because hey… if you had money, you would not be looking to reap money, right?


So, how can you sow money that you do not have at the moment?


The fact is, there is no way around this law of sowing and reaping.


We see it in nature all the time.


You sow a seed and then in due course, you reap the harvest.


Sometimes, you sow in the right place and reap a huge harvest and at other times, you sow in ‘not so wonderful’ places and the harvest is either not what you wanted or not quite so huge.


So, how can you make this law work in your life when you feel you do not have a lot to give?


Consider again the way it works in nature.


You sow a seed – That seed may look nothing at all like the fruit that results in the harvest.


So, if we translate this principle into your life – the question becomes what can you sow as a seed that in due course will reap you a harvest of money?


And I would say to you that you sow your hard work, you sow your service to others, you sow your time.


And as you do that, as you willingly choose to sow what you do have, you begin to create what you do not have yet.


And then, when you have a little actual money, you immediately reinvest and sow that as a new seed. This then causes you to reap even more of a harvest.


And I see this time and time again that business owners, instead of re-investing the initial profits, they spend on their personal needs immediately so every single time, they are starting from scratch again.


Starting at the sowing of ‘time, effort and service’ bit again instead of moving away from that initial sense of desperation.




Always, always, always reinvest it so that it creates even more fruit.


And never ever get into thinking that you have nothing to sow. If you really want to create an abundance of wealth in your life and that of your family, you can no longer think like normal people!


You have to choose to decide what you have right now that you can invest – It may be a skill that you have, it may be the ability to ask others to invest, it may be your ability to create something for the pleasure of others.


Whatever it is, sow it.


Do not give in to thinking that what you have has no value. It has incredible value. Everything you do will not bear amazing fruit but even if you reap an experience, it brings you one step closer to knowing exactly where to sow the next time.


Yours is to sow and in return, the reaping will absolutely happen.


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