Your vision is your permission.

It is right there, available, waiting for you to claim it…

And you can see it

You can feel it

You long for it

But instead of taking a step towards it, you stall and stall and stall

You tell yourself all the things you need to perfect first before you are allowed to go get your vision

It is ever before you like a carrot in front of a donkey but you can never quite seem to EAT THE CARROT because unlike the donkey, you are forever trying to clean house first.

You have all these internal reasons for why you cannot just go for the vision right now

“I need to get my money in order first so I will do this random other thing over here first and THEN, I will create my vision”

“I need to get permission from my spiritual teacher to ensure the timing is right for me to create my vision”

“I need to clear all my fears and doubts and handle my inner child hurts before I can finally go for my vision”

“I need to focus on helping my parents transition easily to the next life before I can focus on what I want for my life”

“I need to ensure my children are set up for life before I can finally focus on me”

“I need more certificates and more learning before I can finally be ready to bring my vision to life”

“I need to be happier first before I will be at the right vibration to create the success I know is mine”

“I need my partner to understand what I am doing as my relationship is so important to me and it is right that we are on the same page before I commit to my vision”

And I could go on and on and on AND ON


If you want the vision, GO FOR THE VISION NOW!


Decide NOW that it must manifest and keep taking steps towards THE VISION, not all the sidesteps you keep taking while telling yourself that you have no choice but to handle this thing over here first before you can finally go to the vision.

Do you not see that each of your reasons why are simply separate goals?

Which one of them do you want the Divine to support you with?

This is the perfect example of a very unclear mind, swayed from one place to another all the time, WHICH DIRECTION DO YOU WANT TO BE SUPPORTED IN?

Because if you keep believing that there are all these hoops you need to handle first before you can FINALLY go for your vision, YOU WILL DIE A FAILURE!

I feel like I am saying this a lot recently but I feel I must because it feels like I have been sugarcoating the reality that you have limited time on this planet, if you are going to live the life you desire, you have to start NOW to live the life you desire.

Not to heal

Not to learn some new skill

Not to be all things to everyone in your life

Not to appease the deity in the sky you feel is judging you

Not to appease your partner, children, parents, friends


Make decisions from the vision.

What is the best and most joyous thing to do next in service of my vision?

Nothing is keeping you from your vision except the belief that something is keeping you from your vision and you need to fix it first before going for the vision.

THAT BELIEF will keep you chasing your tail for all eternity.

Are you tired yet?

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