This year, I choose to make $_________________

Do you have a number for yourself?

Or do you get scared of actually stating anything boldly, out loud?

And you wonder why you struggle to make the money.

This year, I choose to make $4 million.


Because I want to

Because I can

Because why the heck not?

There is abundance everywhere so why should I limit myself to anything less than everything I desire?!

Truth be told, my end goals are even bigger than this but this is a starting place…

However, let me tell you the truth now, I feel quite scared to say this aloud to you!

Scared that you will judge me, scared that you will think I just want to make money off your back…

I can hear the voice of my mum in my head talking about all those preacher men that got rich off the backs of their congregations and how Jesus was poor and all good people are supposed to be poor as well…

I am scared that my extended family will suddenly discover me and want all my money right now…

I am scared that (and this is where my inner African comes out to play) someone will put a curse on me, do some black magic to keep me down…

I am scared that I am not worthy…

That I am not enough!

That God will hate me for wanting to be richer than King Solomon!

And that I will just die a lonely poor soul!

And you thought YOU WERE crazy!

This is the thing, I see this stuff inside of me and I handle it…

I handle it daily.

I whip out my journal and I look at each fear and I reframe it…

I acknowledge it and I release it.

Whereas you try to pretend that you do not have these crazy ideas inside of you!

Maybe not the exact ones that I specifically mentioned but you have some crazy nonsensical ideas that are keeping you broke and so I wonder, ARE YOU NOT FUCKING FED UP OF BEING BROKE YET?

Because honey, you need to handle this nonsense!

You cannot just la-la-de-la your way to a wealthy rich life or else you already would have.

The work always works

But the work is more than just the physical work.

You are not shy of hard work, are you?


However, you do not always work hard at the things you need to work hard at, do you?

And you beat yourself up about it time and time again, wondering why you cannot do those videos, or why you hate to sell, or why you seem to spend such a long time thinking about what to do next and yet, not actually doing it.

You wonder but I can tell you right now why it is…

You are not doing the internal work.

The internal work of clearing your opposing beliefs…

Because honey, you can want to be rich all you like but if you have all these hidden, opposing beliefs that get in your way, you will never quite be able to get there.

And it will be frustrating.

So very frustrating!

Yes, I get it, you see some people out there that seem to get rich without trying too hard and you don’t think they do all this internal work that I mention.

So you think I am just making a mountain out of a molehill…

And you are also quite resentful that these people seem to have it so easy when you are working your freaking socks off and getting nowhere but that too is a part of the internal work.

You need to simply accept that you have a bit more internal nonsense to clear up…

You have lots of crazy experiences that hold you back.

You know you do.

That is both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing because you are stronger and more resilient than most and so, you keep pushing forward towards your goals and you are an inspiration when you get to talking about your stories and inspiring others with those stories of overcoming…

However, those very same stories have a negative side – they have caused you to have tiresome beliefs that keep you poor and you may try to gloss over them like I used to or you can finally see that they are blocking you from the blessing!

Leader, you need to heal.

And healing is not a passive kinda thing where you send up a prayer or two to the heavens and then wait for the magic bullet of healing…


It is an active thing.

You pray, yes but then you pay attention to the thoughts, the beliefs, the actions that emanate from your beliefs.

You get to know yourself…

You ask Spirit to point out where your thinking and believing is wrong…

You actively forgive your parents, partners, children, friends, anyone who affected your ability to receive wealth…

You actively choose a new set of beliefs…

And you consistently catch yourself acting in ways that are more aligned with your poor self and choose to remember that you are now someone who receives wealth easily.

And yes, whilst working all this shit out, you keep doing the external work because that still needs to be done regardless of the mass of emotions you may be dealing with.

So, again, are you done with being broke or did I just put you off being rich? 🙂

Honey, abundance is your birthright…

You can make a heckuva lot of money doing what you love…

If you will do the work.

Will you?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

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It is time for a change!

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