I am not always as upfront about this as I could be, I don’t think… (Though I do believe I am getting more and more bold)

But you need to know this…


And in fact, I don’t think it works so well when you try to pretend that you are…

The Divine seeks to help you

Angels want to help you

And I feel kinda crazy saying it out loud in a blog but I really do believe this and always have…

Now, I used to get this wrong…

I thought that the Divine and the angels would save me and rescue me if I just cried loud enough

And that does not work


Because we are too powerful for that

We do have free will

And the awesome Divine/angels will not ever get in the way of that so if you choose to believe that you are victim of circumstances and you are waiting for a prince on a white horse to come save you then that will not happen…

YOU have to play your part and get on the narrow path to prosperity

You have to decide what you want and begin walking towards it, asking for help as you go

No one is gonna force your hand (or your foot)…

You have to be willing

But then you will find that as you move and you ask for wisdom to bring your vision to life, there is an abundance of support coming your way…

You might even have a miracle or two as a sign that you are not alone in this

The other deeper part of this is that you are part of a whole and I think I do mention this in a previous blog post…

It is like a tree and its branches…

You are a branch

The Divine is the tree

As a branch, you obviously do better when connected to the tree

So, yes, you can do life alone if you wish…

Unlike a branch, you have power enough to keep going for a much longer while than a branch but you will finally hit your head against an invisible ceiling

Most people stay there because it probably is not a bad ceiling

But then there are people like us, who sense within that there is more, much, much more to us than that ceiling would suggest

And we hunger for the more

We thirst for the more

And then we realise that it is in connection, deep intimate connection to the Divine that we find the more…

It is not a matter of dogma or religion or whatever

This is real, intimate loving connection

The kind of connection that means you are never ever alone again

And as we cultivate this connection, we find that it is easier to blast through any ceilings and reach greater heights than ever before.

I deeply desire this connection for you

Just as I go deeper and deeper myself

This deep connection has been the longing of my heart forEVER and I continue to go deeper into the Divine

And if you crave that kind of connection, I teach it in THE FREEDOM COLLECTION – Join me now at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedomcollection

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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