No More Complaining


The 21 day Bootcamp To Allow More Happiness, More Peace & A Heckuva Lot More Prosperity Into Your Life NOW!

Yes, I know you consider yourself a positive person.  

And OF COURSE, you do not complain all that much.  

Except when last did you really stop to listen to the words coming out of your mouth?  

I dare you to listen to yourself today.  

I dare you to listen to yourself for the next hour and see how many times, you moan about the weather, the ache in your leg, the way the children are screaming, the way the president/prime minister/queen is running the country, the loudness of the neighbours, the inconsiderate drivers, the pet, the coolness of your drink, the heat of your drink, the lack of bread, the lack of money, the inconvenience of your colleague for calling in sick, the inconvenience of having to go to work at all, the friend who should have called and did not, the landlord, the slight mark on the window and so on and so on.  


And so then you may think, SO WHAT?! Everyone complains, why does it matter and frankly, how else will I get my views heard?  

Well, to start with the first part of that…  

Yes, MOST PEOPLE passively complain about everything.  

Yes, I agree.  

Do you also agree that most people are not all that happy and not all that prosperous?  

Do you want to join them?  

Or would you like to change the trajectory of your life?  

And onto the second part…  

Be honest. As you listened to yourself complaining, were you actually complaining to the person who could do something about it? Or were you complaining simply for something to say?  

Very occasionally, people do complain to the person who can do something but mostly, it is gossip, it is idle banter, it is pointless chattering that keeps you focused all the things that are wrong in your life.  

And guess what happens when your focus is on what you do not want?  

Yes, you create more and more and MORE of it.  

Because whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, you are THAT powerful.  

Your words, particularly those laced with emotion, are pretty darned powerful  

they create  

They shift the energy of the universe  

They cause things to come into the physical reality  

Do you want to keep creating more of what you do not want?  

Or would you rather use your words & energy to create more of what you do want?  

So, here’s what I have for you… 

And What Is Included In This…

We are changing habits here so a 21 day period is a great place to start  

It will be harder than you think as you do have to get very aware of the words coming out of your mouth so I am going to be in your inbox every day for 21 days with a download from the Divine and some journalling points to get you focused for that day. At intervals, you will also receive training audios/videos to supplement the bootcamp and teach you the DELIBERATE MAGIC METHOD.

You can join in with us in the OPULENCE CIRCLE to do this and be part of a community of people determined to deliberately design a 'prosperous in all areas’ life or you can choose to do this by yourself. Either way is fine.  


✅ You will feel happier as you start noticing and embracing the possibilities and richness in your life  

✅ You will feel more at peace and generally more high vibe and joyous. Everything will look that little bit brighter.  

✅ If you take part in the simple suggestions daily, you can expect to have a prosperity miracle happen in your life during our 21 days together.  

✅ You will feel a surge of creativity as you release all the energy you have been using to complain about and dwell upon the bad stuff.  

✅ You will attract a higher level group of friends as you start emitting a happier energy signal. NO more competing to see whose life is the saddest. You just opt out of that game.  

✅ You will feel so much more empowered as you take ore responsibility for making your life work.  

✅ You will feel such a closeness to the Divine as you bread down the barrier that complaining caused in your life.  

WE BEGIN MONDAY 24th June. Grab your spot now and take part in this bootcamp that will change your life.


A PRIVATE DEEP-DIVE LASER CONSULTATION with me - 25 minutes of power as we figure out what you desire and what gets in the way of receiving it. Expect to hear insights that change your life fast. I am so excited to talk to you. the diary will be sent to you as soon as you sign up, if you are one of the first 5

✅ WHEN FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS HURT: Get a free copy of this program the moment you sign up. This will enable you to free yourself from the hurt and pain that family can bring into your life

WE BEGIN MONDAY 24th June. Grab your spot now and take part in this bootcamp that will change your life.

This is a spiritual, a mindset and a practical course. It can be confronting to do this work alone but I do know that if you are determined and willing to handle what feels like the dark places within you then this is for you. If you resonate with my work then this is DEFINITELY for you.  

As I always say, you need to immerse yourself in new ways of thinking, being, acting if you are going to create the life you desire in all areas and this program is one way to begin or continue the immersion.

So, if you are fed up of standing just outside the door of total prosperity, never quite able to go in and you are ready to harness the power of your words to propel you forward, grab your spot now by clicking the button below

WE START 24th June Monday



I am Rosemary Nonny Knight (RNK) - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle. It took changing tactics from simply working harder to taking responsibility for my inner nonsense and choosing to have an easy, simple, prosperous life.

I learnt that I had to change what my words were focused on as well as do the inner work to release old patterns of thinking, being that elevated me fast. 

I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to ordinary, they were simply unable to do the work. I started to help them release old ways of thinking & being, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired, the business they desired. 

And this is one of those areas...  

One of the areas that most people do not pay any attention to...  

And it keeps them trapped in a life less than what they are capable of. And my role, my calling is to equip 334000 people to live a more delibrate life, opening up to prosperity and making their dent on the planet.

This is one way of doing that.

And I make it affordable for anyone serious! PLUS THE AWESOME BONUSES - No brainer!

So, if you are fed up of standing just outside the door of total prosperity, never quite able to go in and you are ready to harness the power of your words to propel you forward, grab your spot now by clicking the button below