There Is No Perfect Way, There Is Just YOUR Way


We can spend a whole lot of time trying to be something we are not because …

Well, we spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to other ‘successful’ people and think we need to be just like them.

It is kinda crazy really because the people we keep trying to emulate are people just like us.

They go to the toilet just like we do.

They shout at their kids just like we do.

They have good days, they have bad days exactly the same as we do.

Their relationships are not always that great just like ours…

They have fears just like we do.

The only difference is that they consistently (and sometimes, not even that consistently) put themselves out in the world and allow their light to shine.

They face down the fear of being rejected, of being hated, of being misunderstood and they just shine anyway and that attracts us.

It really does but we think it is all about their strategy, their hidden knowledge but it is not about that at all.

It is just that they have chosen to do what most are too scared to do.

So, you copy their methods, you copy their style and you study everything they say and do instead of just doing something, ANYTHING that smells like you.

It may not be the perfect way but it would be YOU!

It would be YOU showing up in the world rather than pretending to be someone you are not.

And how long can you keep that up anyway?

I fall into this trap, time and time again when I try to be someone other than me but the thing I realize is that I have most of my success when I just say

“DAMMIT! – I cannot be like anyone else,  I AM ME and that is going to have to be enough because I really do not know how to be anyone else for very long.”

What of you? Who do you keep trying to be?

You keep trying to create that perfect business, the one where everything runs like clockwork and you are respected like Richard Branson or Alan Sugar or Donald Trump or some other celebrity person – You know the business I mean.

But then, you open your eyes and realize it was all a dream because this business you have right now, does not seem to be working so well. In fact, it seems to be pretty much broken.

And you feel tempted to give up and live a mediocre life and you wonder why it just ain’t working for you.

Again, you forget that you did not show up.

You kept trying to be someone else and so, none of your prospects felt at home with you and they ran off to the real deal that you were trying so hard to emulate.

Embrace reality. Embrace the real you!

That is the person that no one else can do as well as you can.

That would be original.

And ‘original’ is exactly what the world wants to see. ‘Same old, same old’ is boring and no one wants to buy from that.

And No, being ‘you’ does not mean it will, all of a sudden, get easy.

Nope, it will not.

It will just be simpler because you no longer have to hide.

And frankly, you are working your bum off at the moment and getting nowhere with all the struggle so why not just do you and have fun at it! You have something cool to offer the world, offer it your way over and over and over again.

If you get something wrong, laugh, move on and try again!

Yes, yes, I know the mortgage must be paid and the children fed but really, did worry get you any closer to making that happen?

No, I didn’t think so.

So why bother with that stuff? I understand it is easier said than done but we have to start somewhere so why not here?


Start now.

To loosen up, to enjoy the person you are and bring that person into your business.

To learn the stuff you need to learn but then to implement it in your own way. Are you ready?

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It is time, my love.
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