You guessed right – No one needs you

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no one needs you

Yes you can stay hidden, if you like…

You can keep pretending to be less than the awesome rock star that you are…

You can play at being small if you like…

You can keep dreaming and never, ever do, if you like…

You can keep letting people walk all over you, if you like…

You can keep capitulating and trying to keep the peace, if you like…

You can stay trapped in a bad relationship, if you like…

But why the hell would you?

Why the hell would you keep being something you are not?

It makes no sense!

No sense at all!

There is a world around us that needs every single one of us to wake up and be exactly what we are supposed to be and you keep hiding behind some crazy rules!!!!!



So what if you make a few mistakes along the way?

So what if you don’t even know where to start?

So what if it all seems overwhelming and crazy?

So what if you do not think anyone needs your particular brand of service?


You have to be who you are!

You have to BE who you are!

How tiresome would it be to get to the end of your life and think you never really woke up and lived the way you dreamt about? Would any of your current excuses help you?

Would they?

Would they help you go to the grave with a smile on your face?

Or would you feel like it was all a waste of time? Trying to play by the rules, telling yourself how much money you did not have, telling yourself you were not enough, telling yourself you had nothing to offer the world.

And yes, let me let you into a shocker…

What you suspect is true…


You could creep your way through life if you want and make absolutely no difference to anyone if you like…

And in the grand scheme of things, the world will keep ticking along, it will keep doing what it does whether you show up or not and yes, you can use that as your excuse not to do anything with the gift of life you have been given.

But you and I know! In the quiet recesses of your mind and your heart and your soul, YOU KNOW THAT it is not about anyone needing you…

It is about you living to your full potential.

It is about YOU NEEDING YOU!


Because you can hear that clock ticking and you know there are things inside of you that have not yet been expressed. You know that there is a message deep inside of you that has to come out!

You have a light to shine and all your excuses are not enough to make it go away.

You know there is more to you but you keep talking yourself out of it for what seems to be legitimate reasons but are they?

Really, are they?

Is this really to be your story forever?

Let me let you into a truth that you know but try to hide from…

You are powerful!

You carry incredible authority!

You ARE here for a reason.

You are a part of the puzzle of this planet.

You are on a journey to your highest self.

It is true that no one needs you and yet, by you waking up and being your powerful self, you could lead the next person to do the same.

Who could lead the next person to do the same.

Who could lead the next person to do the same and on and on, it goes and suddenly, you going about your business in your most powerful way is a trigger for an avalanche of solutions for the world’s needs.

You are certainly not the savior of the world but honey, surely you can see that this is about more than you.

And yet, it does start with just little old you waking up to the fact that there is no such thing as ‘little old you’!

Wake up and create something awesome. Begin Now!

Make all the money you want!

Write all the books you want!

Build all the buildings you want!

Go build some wells in some third world country if you want!

Do as much or as little as your powerful self wants.

Stop giving into your small, fear-based self!

You really are a creator and you need to get on with creating something you want instead of living in your created world that you do not even like that much – But YOU DID CREATE IT! (for some strange reason.)

Will You?

Will you wake up?

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