Do you know there is a real person inside of you that wants to come out and yet you find yourself hiding?

I catch myself all the time looking at all the authentic people I see on social media, in my email in box, all over the web.

I catch myself trying to check out how they do what they do.

I want to emulate them because then maybe I will get the success that they have, right?

And all the while I dampen my own voice, my own unique style and I try to be like them.

How very, very silly!

Who I am is absolutely good enough!

I know that and yet still I keep my eyes out there looking for that wonderful savior to come rescue me and put my world to rights when really I do not need that.

I need me to come out of my shell, I need to get past my nonsense and allow myself to strip back my layers and really shine.

I need to sing if I want to, I need to shout if I want to, I need to write whatever I like in whatever language I want to use, IF I WANT TO!

Because the people who I am supposed to support will get me.

MY PEOPLE will get me and all the rest need to be gone anyway!

Don’t you agree?!

You possibly feel the same way. Inside of you, you know there is some great stuff waiting to come out and yet, you hide.

You admire the people out there who are courageous and let their stuff all hang out. You admire it and yet, a part of you feels too afraid to really do that.

You are scared of what your family may think…

You are scared you still will not sell your stuff…

You are scared that there really is a perfect way to do things that you have not quite mastered.

You are scared to be yourself!

As if there is any failure in being you?!!

Yes, you can fail when you try to copy someone else because you are a plain imitation of their real-ness.

But NO!!! You cannot fail at being you.

And the world needs to see YOU!

Not some crazy imitation of you!

But YOU!

Are you willing to let your light shine?

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