You want people to treat you a certain way and you expect it.

You think they should just KNOW that this is how you treat people.

You expect them to conform to the picture in your head.

And you wonder why you are disappointed when they inevitably let you down.

Expectations are not clear requests

No one can read your mind

If you want things to happen a certain way, clearly ask for it.

There is no assurance that the specific people you ask for it will give it to you in the way you demand but you certainly have a better chance of getting what you want from someone, IF YOU ASK OPENLY & CLEARLY.

Stop expecting them to just know.

It is draining when they just DON’T know.

Yes, there will be those who deliberately step well over your boundaries to assert their authority over you

And there will also be those thoughtless ones who forget time and time again

But the power-hungry ones can only do that more than once, IF YOU LET THEM.

You can always take yourself away from that situation.

No one has that much power over you, unless you are giving your power away.

And the thoughtless ones, like your children (who are not doing it to hurt you, my love), may need numerous reminders until it finally takes.

Please lose the anger, resentment and victim-y nagging.  No one can hear you when you do all of that.  They immediately go into ‘DEFEND MYSELF’ mode and they just do not listen to you anymore.

And yes, you can make it mean something negative about you like ‘no one cares about me’ and ‘I am the only one that ever does anything around here – they all take advantage of me’…

But how does that help… really?

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