No longer be afraid!

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No Longer Afraid

Do you sometimes feel that you are greedy for wanting to be wealthy, for wanting to have a lifestyle where you do nothing other than what you really want to do?

Do you feel greedy and wrong for even wanting it?

Do you feel like you cannot tell the people around you just how wealthy you want to be? After all, you cannot have your cake and eat it, can you?

You feel that to be spiritual is to give up everything, to be content with little and to put a grateful smile on it as you look peacefully towards the heavens.

The truth is, you cannot even do that!

You do not feel spiritual right now in your lack! You just feel frustrated that you have to do things you really do not want to do in order to put food on the table and pay a mortgage to keep you in a house.

However, you tell yourself that this is life.

And you know what?! That will be your life forever and a day as long as you choose not to question the way you think.

Is it true that to be wealthy is wrong?

Is it really true that to want more from life than you are getting, is greed?

Or is it just your fear that makes you believe that it is so?

And tell me, is your fear helping or hindering you? Is your fear getting you anywhere but depressed and sad and lonely as you try to be something other than what you know in your heart is possible for you?

 Just because everyone around you is doing the ‘poor’ thing does not mean that you have to.


You KNOW that deep inside, you feel like a warrior, you feel like a fighter and for a long time maybe, that fighter has laid down his or her sword as you just went along with the crowd but maybe, just maybe, it is time to pick it right up.

It is time for you to do battle with your old thinking and take off the stuff that really does nothing for you.

Peeps, we have just this one life – We have one opportunity to be all we were created to be. The WHOLE WORLD awaits people who have woken up.

People who no longer just go along with the flow, people who are ‘GREEDY’ for more than just the status quo.

Maybe you are one of those people (and I get the feeling you are).

We are the change makers. We do not just give in to other people’s plans for us – NO, we make our own plans and we fight to make them happen.

For today, let us start with the demons in our own head. It is not enough just to silence them, it is time to eradicate them.

Living life deliberately starts in your head. You get to choose what you will believe.

You already chose anyway but maybe you have not thought about it recently.

Deliberately remove anything that holds you back. Question it and step into your fullness. You are a warrior – Do battle with the nonsense in your head and then you can step forward and be grateful for the abundance that is coming your way, the abundance that is all around you.

You are an abundant being and it is not greedy to believe it.

#KeepMovingForward, Friends!

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