The only lack you suffer from, is a lack of faith.

Whatever you ask for, you will receive but you are not asking for much because of your lack of faith.

You are so caught up in trying to figure out HOW you can ever get what you desire and because you cannot see a clear path to what you want, you decide it is not worth getting your hopes up and you surrender to doubt.

You forget that you are connected to limitless wisdom and you depend instead on your limited ‘common sense’ and your limited past experiences. They cannot show you the way.  They don’t know the way.

The 6 figure income you desire, while doing only what you want to do, is not something you have ever experienced so OF COURSE, you cannot see a clear path to it but that does not mean that a clear path does not exist.

The difference you want to make to the people you feel called to serve is also not something you have ever experienced and so, if you keep looking to your limited human wisdom to show you a way, you will keep surrendering to doubt rather than your desire.

AWAKEN from this slumber in which you find yourself.


Everything you need to create the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life you desire is available but you must walk in faith, not sight.

You must choose to tap into that intuitive, divine wisdom within you

You must trust what you hear and feel

You must act on it, even when it feels scary and uncomfortable

You will never be forced to do something horrid but you will almost always be stretched a little beyond your comfort zone.

And little by little, step by step, you can achieve every single goal, if you will surrender to your true desires and to the guidance of the Divine.

You claim to be a person of faith – someone who believes in the impossible – well, now is the time to actually LIVE IT OUT

There is no lack.

CHOOSE NOW to walk by faith and not just by sight.

You are meant for more

You are meant to thrive and prosper in your TRUE DESIGN

Stop living like a limited human being when you are a limitless DIVINE being

AWAKEN. Your Time is NOW!

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Leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past

Release the noise, nonsense and drama that exists inside and outside of you

Stop under-earning, under-achieving and over-giving

Rise victorious in your true design

You KNOW you are meant for more but you do not know yet how to attain the ‘MORE’

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Much Amazing Love

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