Life is the journey.

Life is not just the destination.

Religion teaches you otherwise.

It tells you to sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice and then when you get to heaven, all will be well.

Parents taught you to work hard and do painful things for the reward… one day.

Now that that one day has arrived, does it feel awesome?

The government promises you a good retirement if you work hard doing stuff you don’t want to do for 40 plus years…

Most pensioners find that they have to reduce significantly their outgoings in order to survive or work more years because the promised ‘reward’ is not available yet.

I know my ‘one day’ when I would be a pharmacist and everything would be perfect, did not pan out all that perfectly.

And if I am honest, as the home-educator of my princesses teaching them stuff that I know they will never use but because I also know that I want them to have all the options available to them, in case they CRAZILY decide to be a regular person, I hear myself telling them these same stories sometimes.

Just do that schoolwork for now, I know it is boring. I know you hate it but but but it may be worth it in the end. (I cannot even pretend to them that I think it is worth it, which probably does not help their desire to cram facts into their heads!)

I try to counteract it with teaching them lots about living free, fulfilled, financially abundant and also, allowing them lots of time to pursue their own interests but still…


I grew up being told that formal education was the path to all delight and so…

Old habits do die hard. I cannot quite shake the habit.

And I guess I tell myself that it is one thing making decisions about my own life that are different from the norm but as I am responsible for delivering children who can function in whatever world they choose, I guess I must teach them to fly and also to walk boringly on the ground (if they choose)…

Or so I tell myself as I limit their formal ‘education’ to as short a period of time as possible! so that they can actually REALLY LEARN the rest of the time.

Yep, that is me being honest there as I work out how to parent my awesome princesses in a world that wants them to conform.

So, even parents with the best intentions may have taught you to suffer first for some prize at the end of the rainbow, except you got to the end and realised that you did not like what you got!

It felt unfulfilling.

You felt chained to continuing doing things you did not want to do.

And you suddenly realised that peeps expected you to do that for the rest of your life.


And yet.


I see you dabbling at your true design path while working so very hard & with focus to maintain a life you do not love and telling yourself that you have to do whatever you have to do to survive.

Well, do you like just surviving?


There is no end of the rainbow that is suddenly amazing when you have chosen a journey that is YUK.

YOu know this but yet, you also DON’T KNOW this.

You have been so brainwashed into deep down believing that your true design path is unprofitable and so, you give it very little attention so that you can, at least, tell yourself that you are trying.

But of course, nothing works when you are not giving it your all.

I know you do have responsibilities and you do have to balance out things at the moment so this is not a call to drop everything and run, unless so called.

However, as I said to a client recently – YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST PUT THE MORE JOYOUS THINGS FIRST.

Wake up earlier and do the things you want to be doing first.

Don’t put it last after giving all your attention to a life you do not adore and then wonder why you do not have the energy to build your dream.

Again, honey – THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

Are you on the path you want to be on?

It is happening now.


I may have gone off on a little tangent here from the title but please realise that if you are hating what you have to do to maintain your life, you are not going to get to some point where you love your life.

There really is no happy ending to an unhappy journey.



Are you happy with what you are creating?

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There is something there for you.

Much Amazing Love


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