I used to play this game of ‘let me try a little to win whilst keeping a huge fence around me’

I wanted to be safe…

I was scared.

Things had gone wrong before…

I did not want a repeat…

And so, I tried to shield myself from any hurt…

I played at business

It got tough

I ran for the hills

I got nowhere

In fact, I began to doubt myself more and more as I proved over and over to myself that I could not do it – I was not one of those who could make money, was I?

Even my mum laughed at the idea that I could grow a successful business.

And then I hit rock bottom with bankruptcy, depression and facing the reality that I was going to be working 60-80 hours forever in a pharmacist career that I did not enjoy all that much and suddenly, I realised that I had to go all in.

There was no way to kinda be in while sitting on the fence.

No way at all.

I got what I was expecting when I did the ‘sit on fence’ thing – Not much at all.

And that will happen to you as well, honey.

If you think that you can have one foot in and one foot out like the children’s song – “You put your left leg in and your left leg out, in, out, in, out etc” (might just be a UK song)

If you try to do that, you will fail.

It is that simple.

You started the journey to your best life and business preparing to fail.

And so you will fail.

You give yourself an out by never fully committing and you will take the out.

Your subconscious mind will trick you into quitting because you already kinda want to.

Honey, you are capable of having the whole, amazing, purpose-driven, RICH life but only if you commit to create it.

Yep, I know that you have had bad experiences in the past…

Yes, I know that that makes you scared…

but do you really want the past and the fear to control your life?

You can, if you want but REALLY?!


There really is no middle ground where you can hide from the harder aspects of building a purpose-driven business that gives you financial independence.


I wish you could see what I see when I speak to you, when I look at you, when I see your comments on my page…

I see strength, wisdom, power, purpose and calling…

I see someone who can do whatever they put their full mind to do…

I see someone with a message of overcoming that the world needs to hear about…

I see someone who can make money doing what they are born  to do…

And I see someone who is playing small, so scared of repeating the mistakes of the past that now they create new mistakes in not fully committing.

Are you done yet?

Are you ready to step into the fullness of you?

Are you ready to be brave and courageous and to do what it takes, until it takes?

Are you ready to dance with the fear and the overwhelm and the darkness that threatens to take you over?

Don’t you see that when you are fully committed, nothing can stop you?!

It is only when you play the small game that ANYTHING can overcome you because you are not fully engaged!  Most of your energy is being used to maintain your sad story of the past and so that energy is not free to be creative.

Stop holding back.

You are born for more and you can have it, if you will fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live, instead of trying so hard to protect the life you no longer want to live!

Come on, you know you want it all

Take the limits off and dive in!

I did and Life exploded for the better!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.

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Much Amazing Love 

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