Start writing

Start creating

Find or create a product and start promoting it…

Start doing the thing you want to do…

All it takes is your time and your skill…

And yet, you do not do it.

Instead, you look at the things you do not have or cannot do yet and allow those to stop you from doing the simple things that you can do and stop you using what you do have!

And you tell yourself that you have no choice!




All you need to do is the first step and trust that the next steps will be revealed to you…

All you need is to stop looking for all the reasons why you cannot win and find ONE reason to take the first step…

All you need is to stop listening to the voice of self-doubt and make a decision to win.

It is simple, really…

Put your hand to the plough and NEVER TAKE IT OFF!

And not just the normal regular plough that you have had your hand on forever and it has not taken you anywhere, except that the people who you have been ploughing for, are flourishing while you are staying stuck.


Choose to go after the dreams in your heart…

Choose to work hard for your own dream…

I mean, why would you not choose that?



Think you cannot do it

Think it is a delusion

Waiting for a saviour

Think you need to have money in order to make money!!!!

Yada, yada, YADA!

It is all nonsense and you are allowing all of that nonsense to drain you of energy to do the work that you long to do.

Simply start writing, start creating, start speaking…

Build an audience boldly by communicating with them

Capture them into your world

Close them by telling them what you have to offer…

Figure out all the detail as you go.

Come into the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track club and get support…

Join in with a buzzing thriving community of people who are deliberately designing a life that makes them come alive…

Stop making your excuses…

Stop choosing to remain stuck when you KNOW you are born for more…

Stop whining about nothing changing in your life when you refuse to change anything in your life…

What will it take to give up all the excuses?

At what point will the pain of staying the same become more painful than the fear of change?

Do you have to wait to hit rock-bottom, honey?

Or could you simply start doing something now.

Or maybe you already hit the bottom and now you are scared that you might go back there…



Born for much more than this but it is up to you to get on the path, STAY on the path and never ever GIVE UP!

Everything you say right now, that means you do not get on the narrow path, is simply an excuse…

Call it what you want to call it.

But you are simply making excuses.

You are indulging your fear…

And well, then you get to keep it.

You get to keep the life that makes you unhappy…

You get to stay stuck and simply because you are fighting for it.

Instead of fighting for the life you do want.


That you would deliberately give yourself reasons to stay stuck in a life that you do not want…

Can you still not see how crazy it is?

When you could take simple, simple steps to start moving forward!

You pray and long for a different experience of life…

And yet, though Spirit speaks into your heart and through these words of mine…

You CHOOSE to stay stuck.


You are a lot more powerful than you think.


Your vision is your permission.


Your vision was not given you to taunt you – YOU ARE EXACTLY THE PERSON TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Trust those intuitive nudges within you that keep telling you what to do next.


See the fear and self-doubt and CHOOSE not to let them rule you


And for freak’s sake, stop thinking that a lack of money and time get in your way – THEY DO NOT!

So, for fuck’s sake, WAKE UP!

And fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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