Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

Are you determined to build a successful business and fulfilling life?


Are you fed up of having good ideas and finding it hard to follow through?


Have you dabbled at this and that but found it hard to commit and STAY COMMITTED to really create the wealth that is possible for you?


Who Are You-Where are You-What (10)You do know that there is more to you than currently meets the eye…

You know that if you could just focus, there are no limits to what you can achieve…

And the truth is, you have been through some incredibly tough times in your life, stuff that would break the normal person but you have never let that define you and now you are ready to stop procrastinating and putting things off and you are ready to step up and create a business, a life that YOU are proud of!

Who cares what anyone else thinks ‘SHOULD BE’ enough for you?

You want more and you are ready to start claiming it.

Yes, you know there are a few things you need to learn but mostly, you know you just need to get off your bum and take action consistently & persistently!

The Deliberate Millionaire

You KNOW there is more to life than this…

Well, honey, I know you!

In fact, I WAS you for a long while…

I too was a business dabbler for years and because I was a pharmacist, it was too easy to find reasons not to commit fully to creating the life and the business that I knew I was capable of.

So, I would try a little of this then try a little of that but ultimately, I would just fall back into my comfortable routine while talking a good game about how I was going to change the world.

And, I was pretty darned convincing! People around me thought that I had it all together. And I suppose, on the surface, I did.

I was a professional earning good money, had bought a house, had 2 cars, got the cleaner etc etc…

fearless warriorAnd yet, under the surface, there was debt that I did not want but even more than that, there was a deep sense that there was more to me than this prescribed life I was leading.

And though I tried following the normal route and I tried to be satisfied with it, it just never worked for me for any length of time.

And then I faced bankruptcy and depression and I tried again to settle into being a pharmacist and super mom but still, there was an itch that needed to be scratched.

I am not made just to be normal…

Are you?!

So, finally, I decided to get serious about building a successful business that would enable me get out of pharmacy and I managed that by building up a property business within 18 months (even I was astounded about what I can create when I get my head down, join a mastermind and start taking action!)

But… I still knew that there was more to me…

I just KNEW IT!!!

And YOU DO TOO!!!, right?!

And as much as you know you want to be wealthy (though you may hide behind all kinds of piousness!), you also want to be free!

Free to create wealth the way you want to…

Free to be who you want to be…

Free to do what you want to do when you want to do it…

Free to make a difference in the way that you want to …

You are fed up of conforming, compromising and being anything less than happy with the way your life is working out currently.

And I really had to be honest with myself here because up until this point, I had felt it would be too selfish for me to be just who I was, doing what I wanted to do, however I wanted to do it.

I had felt my way was far too crazy!

I had dipped my toe in a little, called myself a boring old business coach and started to build up another boring business but now, I have decided to give up all that nonsense and be completely myself in my business.

I now use my strengths to build a thriving business that allows me time with my princesses, time with people I actually like to be with and I am still creating more wealth than I did as a pharmacist!

And I am happy for it.

Please don’t get me wrong, I work hard, very hard and you will have to as well…

But it will not feel like hard work because you will enjoy what you do…

And you will know that you are living out your purpose on the planet!

Master your MoneyYou know we get one life, right?

You know that the only thing we cannot replace is time, right?

So, tell me, how long are you going to keep toeing the party line, living beneath your potential and pretending to be satisfied with it?

When will you decide that what you have, WHO YOU BE!!!! Is more than enough to create an amazing life and business?

So… are you still here?

If what I have said so far resonates with you and you are ready for your story to change and ready to start building a successful business and fulfilling life then …

JOIN me in The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Program and together, we will get you past procrastination, get you past overwhelm, put strategies in place to support you in dealing with the questioning & the doubting, you will learn how to build a business that suits you, creating wealth faster and easier and your whole life is going to change.

Interested? Yes? Let Me Tell You More…

The Deliberate Millionaire

Becoming a Deliberate Millionaire is going to change the way you do things forever! And I do not say that lightly…

I say it because everything about this online group has been designed to create wealthy, free, living-on-purpose entrepreneurs & leaders in the shortest time possible.

  • YES! You immediately join the 49 Day Business Hero Bootcamp so that you immediately get a step-by-step plan to get you making money as soon as possible. It is delivered to your inbox Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

  • YES! Every Business Day, you receive a mindset or mini business tip as an audio or written post delivered within the group

  • YES! Monthly, you can receive a live training call and question & answer session so that you can get your specific questions answered and this can be about any topic at all pertaining to life or business – We can talk about anything from crazy relationship dramas to how to tweak that sales page and ensure it gets the right response from your audiences. Everything affects everything, never forget that. (Optional for $9.84 per call)

  • YES! Instantly get access to the online Facebook group where you can get questions answered on a daily basis, talk about ANYTHING because nothing is sacred in our private Deliberate Millionaire world – Get support from an experienced and very open entrepreneur mentor (me) and deliberately create the life you want with other DMs as well.

  • YES! You get to take part in the daily check-in and various challenges to keep you motivated. This gets you right into action, avoiding the dreaded procrastination. (Bum- Kicking At Its Best!)

  • YES! This is a flexible month to month membership so you can come and go as you please – I only want Deliberate Millionaires who want to be there.

What is included-

Here are the programs available to you one at a time/month starting with…

First step – Business Hero Bootcamp

This gives you a clear step-by-step plan to grow your business and then we go deeper with the following programs

And then you get a choice of programs that will continue the growth of your business – Programs are added regularly based on what the members of the Fast track program want to learn.  There is always something for you or you can just take part in the Facebook group and get your questions answered.

Build My List Now

Set Up Your Profit-Creating Email Campaign

– Advanced Facebook Adverts

– Setting & Running Webinars That Generate A Lot of Income

– How To Do Business Networking Profitably!

People Please No More

Goal Setting The Warrior Way

– Master Your Money

Sales Presentations That Work – For Coaches and for professional network marketers who want to convert more conversations into clients and distributors.

Monetizing your Life – Blogging for profits – Learn the secrets of using your everyday life to create wealth

Social Media That Makes Money – Be where your prospects are and have fun building relationships that make you money

Time Management – We are all busy people but those who harness the power of time (our only irreplaceable resource) will create an abundance of wealth

Business Networking – Simple strategies for build a business while making friends

The inner workings of a profitable sales letter – Again, using the power fo words to cause people to take immediate action to buy, buy, buy…

Event Marketing – Get the attention of your prospects by putting together events that expose them to your true power

More are on the way.  Start now with the Business Hero Bootcamp and get the knowledge you need to grow your business.

deliberate millionaire

YES, YES, YES!!!! Come join in today because there is no place else that you will get what is on offer here.

The Deliberate Millionaire is all about making sure you know what to do and you know how to do it and then we go one step further and deal with all the weird other stuff that happens in life that keep you from doing what YOU KNOW you are on this planet to do.

This is a safe place for you to BE YOU!

To rant, to rave and then to step up AND BE the leader you truly are in life and in business.

Become a Deliberate Millionaire today! Normal price is $99 but (and this is the exciting bit!!!!), join in today for just $49 $27 $9.84 every fortnight for as long as you are a member.


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11045369_795470677206872_6562268028753759661_oRosemary has been a God send! For some time I had been attempting to set up a business and had so many things going on in my life. My husband worked abroad and I was at home with 3 young children. I had to take some time off work to be able to look after them. It was not possible to return on a full time basis due to the demands of the job therefore I decided to work from home. However, there were so many distractions. Pretty soon I felt overwhelmed by what I was trying to do and with life as a whole. I knew that I needed help and found Rosemary.

The great thing about Rosemary is that she tells you how it really is. She gives you that jolt of reality to kick you into action. She made me see that I needed to set definite goals to achieve what I wanted and that there was no more room for looking back at the past and making excuses. I used to worry about really silly things and realized that I needed to move on if I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful with my life. Rosemary left me feeling empowered and more confident to face things head on.

If you want to lead a fulfilled life and successful business, I strongly recommend that you speak with Rosemary.”

Melanie, Mel’s Little Luxuries


So… if you are a determined dude/dudette with a burning desire to live a life of purpose, making money, creating freedom in a way that suits you and you are absolutely fed up of conforming, compromising, dampening down your inner champion in order to fit in, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire fast track program.

Lets dive in together to build a profitable business & create a fulfilling life being the leader you are born to be!

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