As an entrepreneur, we can create a business for life because it is a business that runs around our lives rather a business that is created just to make a little money in a way that makes you feel horrid.

I have created a business that allows me to sing, speak, write.

All things that I love to do.

All things I did not think I could do in business.

But I broke free of mass mind thinking & decided that BEING ME had to work and so it does.

Are you nervous about doing the things you want to do in business?

Are you scared that you cannot make it work?

I understand the fear but do you really want to be trapped doing something you hate, just for money? You did that with your unfulfilling job – Do you really want to keep doing that?

I need you to know that there is always a way to monetize what you want to do.

The first step is to admit what you really want and make a decision never to settle again.

Then get to work making it happen.

Both the inner work and the outer work, mind you.

You do have to fight for what you want, my love.

And usually, you are fighting yourself so win that inner war of fear and self-doubt, my love.

Again, decide what you want your life and business to look like or at least, get as clear a picture as you can in this moment, you will be refining it for a while so start where you are now.

Decide that you will fully commit to it even when it seems impossible.

Trust that the Divine put your specific design in place so that you can actually live it and create an abundant life.

Those dreams, those ideas inside of you, no matter how crazy they might sound, are exactly what the world needs to see and hear and by holding it back, you are preventing the world from evolving.

I know it all sounds grandiose and you possibly feel like a very small cog in a huge wheel but YOU MATTER!

Hear me – YOU MATTER!

Your special giftings matter!

Your special talents matter!

Your DESIRES matter!

And allowing your fear to hold you back from really living that life full out is a disservice to the world so I exhort you to allow yourself to create…

✅ A business that you wake up feeling excited about!

✅ A business that makes lots of money!

✅ A business that changes the world!

I don’t care how small that business is, you can still use it to change the world around you and then the people around you who are impacted by you & your business can go on to impact the world around them and so on and so on and all of a sudden, you have a bit of a revolution going on as we all break free and LIVE!

AWAKEN, my love.

And before you go, have you watched that training I put up for the community at

I still remember waking up from a nap and in that place of ‘not quite awake-not quite asleep’, feeling the Divine give me the words for each slide.

It felt powerful and right.

I hope you take the time to listen in.

It is about 3 Powerful Secrets That Reveal The Truth About How To Reclaim The Prosperous, Fulfilling & Love-Drenched Life Spirit-Driven People Desire, Quickly & Easily

Much Amazing Love

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