Is it not irritating to know deep in your soul that you are born for abundance, fulfilment, freedom and yet, to not see the manifestation of it in your life?

You sing it

Pray it

Affirm it

Get all excited about it

And then you look at your life and all you see is lack and limitation…

Well, it is not all bad

You have created some success

But it came via seriously hard work doing something that was ok but not really what you want to be doing and something you cannot wait to retire from so that you can do the thing you really want to do.

You may or may not be in a relationship that inspires you

You have some friends but there is always some drama happening that you wish you did not get drawn into but hey, ain’t nothing else happening so you may as well be a good friend even if it seems to drain the life out of you.  That does make you feel guilty when you consider it.

Your weight may or may not be at the level you want but again, you eat when you feel happy, sad, fed up, inspired.  Food is no longer just to energize you, it also soothes you, distracts you when you are getting too clear on how unhappy you really feel.

Money is still a scary subject.  You may have a little or a lot and still, there is fear around it.

So overall, life feels just ok

And for the most part, you put up with it.

Everyone else seems to be living the same life so you think you should consider yourself lucky.


There is a part of you that will not be silenced…

It wants more than this.

It feels as though you are born for more than this…

And as much as you try to drown it out with activity – too much religious activity, volunteer work (sounds great except you know it is not what you are called to)

Too much entertainment – You lose yourself in a movie and then you come crashing back down to earth when it is done or maybe it is sex, drink, drugs, other people’s drama.

Whichever way, the itch remains.



I am born for more than this!

I am created in the image of the Divine, surely there is something more for me than this”

And there is…

If you will dare to claim it and claim it and claim it, until it manifests in the physical

That is what the DELIBERATE LIFE is about

You claiming prosperity in all areas

You refusing to settle for less than everything

You DELIBERATELY DESIGNING A LIFE YOU ADORE, rather than settling for an average existence.

Simple actions to be taken


Go on, write down what you really want.

Write down what you want life to look like

Get specific, get excited, dare to get clear and allow yourself to want what you want, without fear that you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Write it all down.


When I say “Allow it”  I mean STOP STOP STOP telling yourself that it is greedy, selfish and crazy to think you can live a life that you adore.  Do you not see that you are disallowing it from coming to you?

You will never take the action you need to take to create this life if you continually tell yourself that you are not allowed it.  Spirit/Source/God will be trying to get your attention with potential actions to take to live your vision but you will just keep telling yourself that it is impossible and so yes, it becomes self-fulfilling.  You do not think you can have it so you do nothing to get it and you don’t get it.  The end

Or you can decide that you are worthy of every good thing and simply, choose to avail yourself of it.  Tap into the wisdom within you and expect to receive, receive, RECEIVE! Yes, there is action to be taken but first, ALLOW IT!

We all know people who work their socks off and never get ahead.  Do not join them!


You have lived a long time believing lesser things about yourself.  There are beliefs that need to be cleared.  There are ideas that need to be removed.  There is dogma that needs to be dislodged in order for you to get the life of abundance, fulfilment, freedom that is yours by divine heritage

Key areas are family traditions that hold you back, religious beliefs that have been corrupted, stifled sexuality, caring way too much what people think of you, not feeling worthy or like you deserve everything.

These things need to be cleared.  You need to DELIBERATELY do this work and most people avoid this work.  They go straight for the tips, tricks and physical strategies and they get somewhere but not completely where they hoped to be.  YOU have done that already – Are you willing to try a different way?

THESE FIRST 3 POINTS are so critical, so VERY critical if you are really ready to get unstuck.


You probably already know what actions you need to take.  The only tweak here will be that you stay focused on what you want and ask for inner guidance on the best next step for you.  Rather than blindly following step-by-step plans.

I mean, in business there are a few keys things to act on – Be communicating daily with your every-growing audience, be capturing them into your world (mailing list, social media), be telling them what you have on offer.  Do these things daily, you will sell some stuff.

To have a dream relationship, you simply make yourself available for a new relationship or do the physical work of building your current one.

Your Body – You start eating the right foods so that you cleanse and replenish your body.  Start doing some more movement each day.

Your money – You start treating what you have with respect by giving, saving, investing and spending intentionally and you become a receptacle for more

The physical actions to take are simple enough and when combined with a clear inside, you will be unstoppable


Keep doing all the above consistently.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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