Network Marketing – Is it a Scam or Are there a Few Reasons to Give it a Go?

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So… What is network marketing?

It is a way to do business – That is the simplest answer.

Some people get all caught up in it being a scam, a pyramid scheme, luring people with the idea of wealth and riches in an instant.  They think of the companies who do it as con artists trying to steal the money out of poor unsuspecting people’s pockets as they try to sell these overpriced products to their friends and family.  And that is simply not true.

It is just a business! and a very viable business at that.  There are a few mistakes people make, just like in any other business.  One being that they can become really pushy sales people who only ever harass their family and friends about their business opportunity and yes, that can indeed be tiresome.

However, the people that succeed at this, see it as a business, pure and simple.  They treat it like a business, they work at it like a business and they create an income like a business.

With network marketing, there are three tiers to the model

  1. You buy and enjoy the products yourself so you believe in it

  2. You find a customer base that buys from you regularly

  3. You build a team of people that do the above 2 things.

It is a business model that works. It is a business that is pretty flexible.  It is a business you can get into for relatively little money.  It is a business that can create passive income for you.  It is a business that enables you focus on the key things that make you money rather than all the administrative stuff that doesn’t. Low operating costs, low levels of risk, the ability to do it anywhere, the flexibility are a few of the other benefits.

If people like Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rohn see/saw it as a profitable model then really, you must know it is workable.

People who succeed at this are determined and courageous.  These are qualities every business owner requires.  They are committed to serving other people with their product because they can see the benefits and they want it for everyone. They are looking to build a solid business in the long term because they buy into the concept of a lifestyle business that fits into their life rather than something that becomes their whole life.

Network Marketing can give you this more easily than most other businesses where your identity is too closely attached to this product or service that you personally created so your business becomes an extension of you.

The thing that I would say to you if you decide to do this is.

Treat it like a business.  The same rules apply.  It is not a hobby.  It is not something you play at or your results will represent that.  Not all your family and friends are your ideal client so offer it to them definitely but do not stop there.  Become a courageous business owner that increases their circle of contacts and choose an established company and products you feel you can promote.

My other suggestion would be to pop over to Dani Johnson’s site and invest in your education.  Like any other business, you need to invest in your education and she is pretty good at what she does.

Of course, I am here too to hold you to your word and ensure you are doing all you can to get the results you want from your business in the shortest time possible – Claim Your Complimentary Next Level session here.

What do you think of network marketing?

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