I had an encounter on my Facebook profile a few days ago with a dude who HAD TO be right…

You know those people – The ones that start a conversation asking you a question about yourself as though they are interested in you but very quickly turn it around to their own agenda, what they really wanted to say.

And so there you are, thinking you are just having a conversation with someone new, maybe even forming a friendship but then you start to feel uncomfortable as they have a one track mind and are determined to get something through to you and if you are wise, you stand back and let them hang themselves with their own words…

Which is exactly what happened…

I must admit I am used to this – GENERALISATION ALERT!!!! – I was brought up in Africa where the man always had to be right so I just smiled when I realised that this was just another one of those.

But also, it made me a little sad…

Because people can be like this…

So desperate to be certain and sure…

So committed to being consistent that they hold to limiting ways of thinking and being, just so that they continually confirm to themselves that their way is the right way and the only way and everyone else is wrong…

OK, fine, you can do that but what of when it causes you to block your own prosperity because you refuse to consider a different way of thinking, being, acting?

What of when you limit the impact you could have and the difference you could make because you are DETERMINED to hold on to your old ways of thinking?

I can tell you, right now, that I am very sure of one thing – Nothing is absolutely SURE!

Which is why I say things like “The truth stands up to scrutiny”  and “Question Everything”

Because I was that person, holding onto beliefs and ideas that kept me stuck in a life I did not like or want…

But I convinced my own awesome self that this was the way to be spiritual, this was the way to be good and this was the only path to heaven…

I was so trapped in guilt, shame, fear of punishment and so I held on to beliefs that stifled me and I would have argued to the death to keep said beliefs as well.


And I see people doing that now…

Holding onto beliefs that are obviously not working for them but because they are too scared to question, they just keep pretending that all is well.

They keep limiting themselves…

Holding back from living to the fullness of their potential…

Because deep down, they are afraid of what the answer to their questions could be…

Maybe you do that…

Will you be honest and daring enough to look at your beliefs?

Your religious beliefs?

Do you just spew out scripture verses without really taking the time to think through what you are saying?

Is it a protection against really truly LIVING LIFE with all its uncertainties?

Are you hoping that if you quote enough scripture that it will become a magic bullet for you that finally delivers on what you hope it should?

Do you use it as a cloak against really truly having to think?

Are you worried about who you would be, without all the limiting beliefs you have taken on?

What of your family’s beliefs and traditions?

Have you questioned those or do you just go along with them because it is easier than having to handle all the disapproval that may be spewed your way, if you go against the tribe?

And yet, you could be the answer that elevates your family if you simply broke free from beliefs that keep you bound.

I remember making promises to my mother as I was leaving Africa that I would not marry a white man because it would make the family unhappy…

Supposing I had kept to that?

I have had 16 amazing years with my awesome husband and now we have three incredible princesses – I would have kept myself from this.

And even if it all goes belly up now which I don’t expect it to but even if it did, I would not swap these 16 years for anything…

What of your beliefs about sexuality?

Such a powerful force that can unleash your creativity in ways you cannot imagine when you stifle it with weird beliefs that keep you stuck?

What of your beliefs about money?

Have you made it wrong to make money in abundance?

Do you even realise that you have done that?

When last did you examine what keeps you stuck in a ‘Just Enough’ kinda life?

Or are you concerned that too much attention on money makes you evil, greedy, selfish and destined for hell? Maybe an exaggeration but have you examined yourself or just accepted your life as it is?

Honey, question everything.

Do not let your need to be right keep you from your own good.

Do not let your need to be consistent keep you from exploring new ways of thinking and being that could lead you to more fulfilment.

Do not let your need to be certain keep you from prosperity and happiness and making the difference you want to make on the planet.

You are born for more.

And sometimes, that means breaking free of the box you are very comfortably sitting in at the moment.

Honey, fight for and deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

PS – If you are ready to question your beliefs because maybe, just maybe right now, you feel pretty stuck in a life that is well beneath your potential then grab my Amazon Bestselling book – The Deliberate Millionaire Freedom Book from RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedombook.  It will make you look at life a little differently.  Don’t take my word for it though, examine your own thoughts and beliefs as you read the book.  Maybe you need to come to new conclusions.

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