Your calling is yours. You get to define it, you get to clarify it, you get to decide when you are ready to step into it.

And yet, you wait with baited breath for the approval of someone just like you! You want that external confirmation from some person you see as an authority on your life… You want that confirmation from them because you do not feel clear. And you think you SHOULD feel clear.

You think every step of your path SHOULD be outlined but that is not the way it works. You do know that but you still want that permission.

And another reason you want the affirmation from someone else is to give you an alibi, someone else to blame or turn to, when things do not go to plan. As if anyone can be that person for you.

You are the only one that gets the privilege of that role.


And honey, you have to believe that you have what it takes and you have to stop waiting for the confirmation, whether it is from your pastor, your parents, your partner, WHOEVER!

You are the authority on you. They can give you advice, maybe…

They can even agree to walk the path with you some of the time but really, it is on you! IT IS ON YOU and that scares you!

And so you carry on waiting and waiting and waiting for the word from the heavens… And you hear it EVERY SINGLE DAY but you doubt it EVERY SINGLE DAY as well.

Do you want to live a life of fulfillment or not?

I did this thing you do for the longest time and I even thought it was the best way to do it. If you have been brought up in church, you get sold on the idea of getting permission from your spiritual leader. You go work for them, usually for free, expecting that at some point they will release you into your own ministry and calling.

And sometimes, that is right if you have things to learn but most of the time, it ends up with you feeling hard done by, mistreated… And it ends up in offense & resentment because you have relinquished your responsibility to someone else. You have hoped that they would give you the go-ahead to live out your dreams when it was never their choice to make… It was yours.

They are busy, living out their dreams and that is right for them.   You cannot expect them to tell you when you are ready. Only you know that. Yes, it is okay to be an intern for a season but you have to KNOW when that season is over so that you do not extend and extend it out of fear. And then you tell yourself that you are respecting this person.

What nonsense.

And if you are not of christian inclination, you may not understand what I mean and yet, you come under the opinion of your parents, partner, boss or friends. You look to them for confirmation that they see what you want them to see. You wait for them to tell you that it is okay to move forward.

And, I get it, there can be wisdom in getting the thoughts of people more experienced than you but if you are only asking people who have not walked the path you want to walk then of course, you are going to get ‘normlike’ responses. They fear for you and so they communicate that and you think it means something when really it does not mean anything at all. It just means they are as fearful as you are about you stepping out fully into your calling.

So, again, do you want to live a life of fulfillment or not?

Because NO ONE else can get you into action.

If you feel like it, you could keep going and asking this person and that person for their opinion on whether it is the right timing or not, until you get the answer you want but you will know that it does not mean anything. You will know you cajoled out the answer you wanted to hear because you were fearful to make your own choice.

There is no permission required.

There is no need to wait on anyone…

There is no need to wait for the word from the Lord…

There is just a need for you to make a decision and to get to work making it a reality.

That initial decision to move can only be made by you and even if everyone around you doubts you, you will still be the only one that has to give yourself permission to keep moving. After all, the day Jesus announced that He was the messiah, it did not go down all that well. In fact, people tried to kill him But HE still had to decide whether his calling was worth it or not.

Here is an exercise for you… One that can break through all your resistance and help you see why you hold yourself back from tapping into your calling.

  1. Pick one of your affirmations (You do have some, right?) and write it out numerous times on a piece of paper – More than twenty times, OK?
  2. Notice any resistance, negative thoughts, doubts you feel to the affirmation. Turn your sheet of paper around and write that down as well
  3. Return to writing out the affirmation a few times until you feel you have written out all your resistance.
  4. Look at the resistance list and start to turn them into new affirmations – There is not a lot of need to over-analyse it unless it keeps calling out to you but really, just turn it into an affirmation. For instance, when I write out what I want to make happen, I get resistance around what my extended family might do to me when I get to the levels of success I expect – yes, I know I am weird but you do not know my upbringing – and so I now tell myself that “My family is so proud of me for my many successes in business and in life”, “My family wish me well”, “My family have no control over the results I get, only God and I do, and so I choose abundance, love and success”
  5. Write out your affirmations a few times a day and when you have worked out the negative feelings around them, stop writing the resistance part of it and just keep on with the affirmations.

That is it.

I know it might seem crazy to think that this will allow you to give yourself permission to flourish but it will. You will start to see why you hold yourself back and you can then start to choose yourself again.

Your calling is a choice.

The fact that you dream of it, the fact that you have visions of it, is all the permission you need to do the work to make it happen. However, you have to make the choice, the decision. It will not be made for you. Even God will not force you.

So, finally… Do you want to live a fulfilled life or not?

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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