Are you into fitness? Or are you like me with great intentions but practically no follow through whatsoever! I mean, I am one of the most productive people I know when it comes to things that I WANT to do and nothing stops me, nothing gets in my way and yet, when it comes to my health…

I somehow manage to drop the ball.

And that is pretty darned frustrating!

Why do I do this to myself?

I know there are deep psychological reasons but hey, that can be addressed some other time…

For now, let me tell you about my FitBit Charge, which I mostly adore, apart from when I manage somehow to destroy the strap which seems to happen once a year with me. It DOES only seem to happen to me so I am not sure what is up with that. Is it my skin type? Or the way I treat it? Or something else… No one else I know seems to have this problem but hey ho, the fitbit peeps did replace it for me the last time this happened so kudos to them.

I just may have to get back in touch… Or go get one with a heart rate monitor as well…

And after 2 years of owning the FitBit Charge, I have just read the following words on the Amazon website

Wear and Care
Our products are meant to be worn all day and night, so it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines as you wear and care for your device. To keep your band clean and your skin happy follow the following steps:

  • Keep it clean: Regularly clean your band and wrist – especially after working out, sweating, or exposing your skin to substances like soaps and lotions, which can get trapped beneath the band

  • Keep it dry: If your band gets wet – like after sweating or showering – rinse and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist

  • Give your wrist a rest: Prolonged rubbing and pressure may irritate the skin, so give your wrist a break by removing the band for an hour after extended wear

So, maybe it is my fault after all!

Anyway, the FitBit Charge was a present from the husband for Christmas probably as a ‘not-so-hidden’ hint to take a little more care of myself and stop spending so much time sitting with my laptop on my knees as I did my work ( I am not completely sure he always thinks I am working, truth be told!).

And it has been a bit of a godsend…

1. I love a challenge

I like being in competition with myself and with others. You can enter challenges with your friends or family and I always enter them when invited but I never win when it comes to walking and taking steps. It does feel good to give it a go and to send congratulation messages to the ones that do win it.

2. The FitBit Charge syncs to my phone

And so I can keep a check on how many steps I have walked each day for like ever, if I choose to go back that far. This can either depress me as I realise that I am sooo not meeting my fitness goals or it can encouage me as I realise that I may be taking a few more steps than I had originally imagined.

3. The Buzz

I love the buxx of achievement! On the few and far between days when I reach my step goal – It makes me feel so AWESOME to get that vibrate that tells me I am a winner. I mean I have done the step goal just for the purpose of getting that vibration on my wrist.

4. The Time

It has actually become my watch! Depressing but I cannot be bothered to get an actual watch and so I wear this one and in addition to telling me how badly or awesomely I am doing with my steps, it tells me the time without having to search through my HUGE ladies bad to find my cell phone.

5. Is someone calling me?

OK, I used to like this feature but then I switched it off. It would vibrate and tell me when someone was calling me but the truth is, I don’t want to be interrupted by phone calls all the time so these days, my phone is permenently on silent and I definitely did not want my wrist to vibrate for anything other than the fact that I had met my step goal. Too distracting but it could be a cool feature for someone who likes to know when their phone is ringing.


Yep, that is all about me and my FitBit Charge because today, I decided to write a lot of words and this caught my eye as I jumped out of bed to do my ‘first thing in the morning’ mini jog to get the blood flowing and as I like to write… I thought, why not write about some other things that interest me as I build my business empire. And fitness is a huge part of personal development so any little thing one can do to increase their activity is certainly better than nothing at all.

So there you have it!

Fight for, create the life you are born to live!

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