How Do I convince People To Like My Facebook Page?

By August 14, 2015May 8th, 2020Self Development

Facebook PageYou met someone…

They seemed like a great prospect for your business…

and you want to take it to the next step and the quickest thing to do is to get them to like your Facebook page…

But how do you do it without forcing the issue and making you and them uncomfortable?

You are getting on so well and you don’t want to spoil it by seeming to SELL something so hey, why not get them on the page – It is a nice halfway house and they can see what you are up to and maybe, you can then take it to another level later on in the relationship.  YOu just don’t want to lose this person.

And in that moment, you forget to just be present in the conversation.  You have started the scheming, the planning, the undercover stuff that is already sending a desperate vibe their way and you are not even aware because you have entered your own world of scarcity where there is only one customer for you and it is this one, right in front of you.

Do you really want to be this person?

I mean, really?!

I get it, you want to grow your business but this is the thing, you and I know that your creativity has now shut down because you are convinced that you MUST have this person.

If you have to force the issue and stand over them making sure they whip out their smartphone and like your Facebook page, do you want them in your life anyway?

Do you really want someone who is not sold on you? Really?

And when they come along to your page, then what?

They feel forced, they never engage with you.

You feel embarrassed and you never engage with them and so it is all a waste of time, anyway!

OK, so ask yourself these questions…

1. Is your product/service/business opportunity a good one?

Yes, then there is an abundance of people who will want to take advantage of it.  Make the decision to act from a place of abundance rather than one of scarcity.  Yes, always make the invitation for people to join your Facebook page.  Have a free giveaway to offer as an incentive and release the outcome.  Improve your skill at inviting but mostly, let them come of their own freewill.

2. Be clear about the people you want to have in your world

Don’t mistakenly think that everyone is good for your business.  Speak very clearly to the ones you want in all your marketing material.  Ask them to take this or that action and appeal to their needs, desires, wants, pains and they will come of their own accord.  Again, invest some time in learning as much as you can about influencing people.  Do not assume you know it all!

3. Make Your Facebook Page a place that people want to be

You have a good offer and you know who your people are…

Now use your Facebook Page as an audience builder.  Do Facebook Ads and invite people to like your page and then pick out the ones you want to work with by inviting them to take the next step with you.  Let your Page be informative, entertaining, inspiring to the people you want in your world.

Start to realise that all your marketing is both a means of attraction and a means of repulsion.  Let your people come and let the others go before they do become a pain-causing customer.  When you are just starting out in business or going through a hard patch, you might think you want everyone but you soon learn that some customers are far too much hard work.

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