Musical Thoughts – I am a Creator

By March 28, 2014November 6th, 2014Musical Thoughts

This is the first Musical thoughts. Expect more of the same in the coming months.

Take the time to listen to this time and time again until it sits easily with you.

  • How can you create your life?
  • Where are you leaving it up to chance?
  • Are you deliberately choosing to be a leader in all aspects of your life or do you find yourself acting like a victim or feeling sorry for yourself?

Choose to become a creator.  Choose to become someone who leaves behind the past and steps with confidence into the future because you know that you can overcome anything that comes your way.

Creating your life is the best way possible to design a life that agrees with you.  whilst you wait for others to tell you what and when to do things, you live as a victim, as a reactor to the whims of others.

Sometimes, you do not even realise that this is happening to you, because it is an internal voice from your past that holds you back from living to your full potential.  It is time to let go of anybody else’s opinions of you and time to step fully into your role as creator.


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