Isn’t it weird that we can get to our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond and still not know who we are?

We go through the motions of life

Get the education

Get the job

Dabble at the business in the hunt for freedom

Find a partner

Have children

Take care of everyone

Attend the religious organisation

Give back with our time & money

All the while, wondering “Is this it?”

Is this all I am ever to be?

Why do I feel as though there is a part of me that I have not even begun to uncover?

Why do I feel empty?

Deep within you, there is a feeling that you are more powerful than what is showing up in your life but you are so entrenched in everyday activities, you do not take the time to figure yourself out.

But something inside continues to whisper


But it continues to feel too self-indulgent to really dig deep into this and also, people get scared that they may uncover deep dark wounds within themselves that they do not know how to handle.

And so, most live on the surface, distracting themselves with activities like church, entertainment, food, sex

Church was my distraction of choice

What is yours, I wonder?

Finally, Papa (The Divine, My Higher Self, God) got my attention

It took bankruptcy, depression, my 3 princesses for me to finally start going deep

I have always longed for deep connection to Source so it was not even that I did not spend time daily seeking inner connection but I was skirting the edges, refusing to really explore who I was and what I was here for.

And also, I was just scared that I could not be and do the things I really wanted to be and do anyway so why bother dragging them up only to be disappointed?

I finally surrendered

I got deliberate

Are you done with the emptiness yet?

then I invite you to start your 30 day immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY at

The whisper within you that tells you that you are here to do great things, is true


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