You tell yourself that you do not care about money and yet, money is leading you around by the nose

You are so used to allowing money to call the shots in your life, you think you have to just do anything to pay the bills, to build those savings, to pay off that debt

But you don’t have to do just anything…


You tell anyone who will listen that you are not a people-pleaser and yet, the people in your life get to tell you who to be and you just go along with it, even though it is draining

You are so used to allowing them to define you and so scared of ending up alone or being considered selfish, you think you have to do just about anything to keep them happy

But you don’t have to do just anything…


You have been given a window of opportunity, right now, to find and start fulfilling your life’s purpose. You have created a life where there is some financial leeway (whether it is that your partner supports you or that you have some savings put aside or something) and it is for such a time as this – This is your perfect opportunity to design and create a life that makes you deeply happy and fulfilled and also increases your wealth.

It is what you asked for but now that it is here, it does not look like you thought it would look…

And so, you are focused on the wrong things and you keep waiting for some other window of opportunity, some other next step while telling yourself you have no choice.



The free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life you desire is not created in the box of noise, nonsense and drama that you currently live in.

You have to rise above all of that and choose something different

And that something different is scary because it is unfamiliar

Your partner might think you are crazy

Your parents, children may also think you do not care about them

Your friends will tell you that your life is fine and you should be grateful

You may feel stupid for thinking you can make money doing what you want to do

And yet, inside of you, YOU KNOW you are meant for something more

But you keep allowing money and/or the people in your life (PLUS fear/doubt) to call the shots

They tell you to jump and you ask ‘HOW HIGH?!’

You betray yourself to keep money and other people happy.


Wake up.

I know this is not pleasant to hear but no one else will tell you what you, deep down in your heart, know to be true

You are acting like a slave to money and people but you don’t have to.

This is your time to rise victorious in your true design life

YOU SIMPLY NEED TO CHOOSE TO DO IT and go all in – no half-hearted efforts as they will get you nowhere

Yes, there will be some emotional tension as you make moves away from the familiar into the prosperous unknown but you are strong enough to handle it all and I will walk with you as gently as you need to, in order to get to the prosperous life you actually desire…

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Let’s map out a solid plan to get you there

Let’s deepen your connection to the Divine so that you are able to receive intuitive guidance – The wisdom you need to get past your current existence

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Much Amazing Love

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