At some point, you signed up for a ‘hard’, ‘struggle’ life.

Maybe you thought it was inevitable.

Maybe you thought you had no choice.

I was there too for a really long time and then I finally get fed up enough that I decided to opt out.

The Divine showed me a different path and I decided to trust and shift lanes to an easier and simpler path.

You can too.

The invitation is ever present.

Do not keep buying into the mentality of everyone around you.

Do not keep being deceived by the physical reality.

Connect directly to the Divine within, ask to see more clearly, be willing to explore a different way of living.

Do not give up because it does not work within 3 seconds and choose to return to the life that has not worked in 30, 40, 50, 60 years! How crazy, my love!

Do not keep dabbling at this method and then that method and then the OTHER magical method – Consistency is needed, my love.

Do not jump ship back to your ‘hard’ life because it seems more predictable – Learn to trust. Build your faith. Allow the kinks to be dissolved within you as you stay drenched in Divine love.

Oh my love, I have seen the kingdom and it is too beautiful for words – Prosperity manifestations happen easily, swiftly, simply. The free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life is available on this path. And you do not have to wait for the next life – IT STARTS NOW.

Stop acting like a child who has been in the foster care system for too long and is craving love but too scared to accept love. That is how most spiritual people behave – they want the kingdom but they are scared that the kingdom is fake so they fight to stay OUT of the kingdom, just so they will not be disappointed.

Oh Love, I see you…

I call you on to the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty for the long haul. You have spent so much time being programmed to expect noise, drama and nonsense – You need immersion in a different path. Oh! that you would listen to the resonance in your heart and surrender to it rather than continually fighting & arguing to stay trapped.

I will continue to invite you to a different, more fulfilling life of peace and plenty.

The steps I teach are simple – anyone can do it, easy – a child is supposed to be able to get it, swift – just be consistent – Don’t stop practising the path because you experienced one manifestation. This is a lifestyle, not a magic button.

You ARE meant to thrive and prosper

It is supposed to be simple, easy, fun and swift.

Prosperity in EVERY area of life, is your divine right!



Get your copy of the MONEY FREEDOM Collection Here – It is time to make the shift.

Love yourself enough to make the shift.

Much Amazing Love

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