It starts with a dream, a vision, a wish, an idea…

You feel a calling to more fulfillment, more freedom, more happiness, more peace, more life enjoyment…

It is all wispy and exciting…

You write it down

You feel enthusiastic

You can see it all in your mind’s eye – the difference you will make in the world and the money you will have access to, as a result.

And then you start to consider the actions you could take to bring your vision to life

And this is where things can start to go wrong, particularly if you are super-spiritual

You feel some inner tension as you consider doing very practical things in the world to bring more money to you and so instead of recognizing that you are simply facing some expected tension at the line between the unseen and the seen realm, you divert your energy to the wrong stuff…

You start trying to analyse your fears and feelings

You start checking to see if the Divine does not want you to move forward

You start looking at your childhood to see if some past event is keeping you from your destiny

You start wondering if people will think you are too greedy and you wonder if you ARE greedy for wanting what you want


Now, I know you are a hard worker so it is not that you do not take any action at all but the action you are taking is focused on the wrong thing…

Your focus has shifted from the simple idea of serving the right people for you and creating a 6 figure (or more) income, to making sure you are not offending anyone, not offending the Divine, not stirring up any uncomfortable feelings within.

And if you do manage to meet these latter goals, then you can be sure that you are probably not going to making that much money and it is not because it is unavailable, it is simply because you decided passively not to make the money but instead to assuage everything and everyone.

You may feel comfortable inside but you will be financially restricted so then discomfort returns…

You want more money

But you are scared to want more money

You want to grow your business

But you are scared to grow your business

And you do not even realise this inner battle and so you again go looking at the wrong stuff and fixing the wrong stuff…

You start healing every part of you because you do not want to spiritually bypass anything

You fast, you pray, you yell affirmations, you plead with the heavens…

You start creating low-cost products because you think more low-cost products will please more people and then they will buy from you

You refuse to simply look BLATANTLY at your business strategy and business model and see if it can physically work because you tell yourself that your life is created from the inside, after all.

And yes, it is but what are you focusing on, on the inside?

✅ Your fears that you will fail, that you will succeed, that people will hate you, that you will make mistakes, that you will look like a fool or greedy horrible person, that you will need to work too hard, that you will lose money, that you are not to be trusted with money and will lose your connection to the Divine if you make too much of it.

✅ Your doubts that you are able to do it, that anyone wants what you have, that the Divine will allow you to be rich, that you are worthy of success, that you have what it takes to win, that you have what it takes to sustain success once you find it, because you failed before and it took a great toll on your confidence

✅ You need to please and be considered nice by every person you come across, even the ones you have never met before

✅ Your need to prove that you are a good person to yourself and to others and your massmind programmed ideas that money is a bad thing and will make you a bad person, or mass mind programmed ideas that money is limited and to have more of it means you have to take it from someone else in a horrid, BAD, greedy, scammy way.

✅ Your need to jump through hoops for the Divine who you claim to know is unconditionally loving while treating Him like a tyrant that will only bless you if you kill off yourself and be a puppet for his unreasonable demands.

WAKE UP and check yourself


Money is physical

You take simple physical action consistently with a focus on creating more of it

If your focus is on anything else, you will create that instead as you can already see in your life.

No amount of inner clearing/healing/praying/affirming/journaling will increase your income if it is not partnered with FOCUSED physical action in the direction of MAKING MORE MONEY.

You have to OWN THE FACT that you want more money.

Stop cloaking it in spiritualese – Be clear with yourself about what you want and allow yourself to take the simple actions to make it happen.


What do you really want?

Focus and get it.

✅ Provide a useful service/product

✅ Price it well.

✅ Tell people you exist and how your product/service will help them

✅ Tell them EXACTLY how to go about buying it from you.



While ignoring the negative mind chatter

There will always be mind chatter, you will never be completely free of it, there is something about turning unseen energy into its physical form that causes lots of inner chatter and that is ok.

Though it seems so urgent, do not let the crazy voice take your attention away from the simple physical tasks of making more money.

There will be time for healing, clearing and all that wonderful stuff and you will probably be doing that for your whole lifetime…

But if you want physical money, FOCUS and take PHYSICAL ACTION to create it.

If you are truly committed to making at least 6 Figures in your purpose-aligned coaching, healing, course-creator business by this time next year then go now and get a copy of my book – the 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book at

Much Amazing Love

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