You say you want money and yet, underneath the bravado is a fear that you will never have it and so you keep creating a situation where it is difficult for wealth to come and find you.

You hold yourself back with lies about not being good enough yet to claim the wealth you want.

You stay in roles (in your business or in your career) where the flow of wealth to you is limited because you are scared that if you step out of that then even the little wealth you have accumulated will be taken from you.  You are scared that you will be exposed for a fraud when you step out and so you stay hidden, and try to be satisfied with what you have.

When will you realise that more will come if you say ‘YES’?

And stop doubting yourself, your abilities, your source.

You keep thinking there is a lack of wealth in the world, you keep thinking you must settle for what you have, you keep telling yourself that you must not be greedy and so you keep holding back and you do not even know completely that you are doing it.


Accept that you want what you want and allow yourself to get it.

Accept that everyone can have what they want and you, having yours, does not stop them from having theirs.  Accept the abundance in the world in which we live and choose to tap into it.

And frankly, if there are those who think that they cannot have what they want, understand that you have the power to show them otherwise.  You have the power to demonstrate what it is like to obtain wealth and maybe, then you can inspire them to remove lack and poverty from their thinking and instead step into abundance and prosperity.

You can change other people’s lives by fulling living out yours!  Talk about making a difference!

The first thing though is to allow yourself to question your long-held beliefs.

You must question anything that makes you think the money can only be obtained if you attain a certain level of anything.  Realise that abundance is here now.

You can ask for it and DELIBERATELY do the work to create it.

I see you, hiding the real you because you are worried about coming across too forcefully.  You are worried that people will see you as mercenary and so you hide.  You do not charge anywhere near enough for people to work with you because you say things to yourself like ‘I am not worth that much’.  Or worse, you do not even allow yourself to start a business because of the fear.

You tell yourself that what you know is just not worth all that money and so it is no wonder that you do not make the money that you could if you just got the right mindset around it.

1. Stop talking about lack all the time

Instead, deliberately choose to think of ways to come up with the wealth you need to live the life you want to live. Ask “How can I make it happen?”  rather than settling into “Oh well, I cannot afford that”.  Open up to a new expansiveness and then there will be vastness where there was only limitation.  Be born again in your thinking, in your speaking and in your actions.  Let old thinking go and step into new ways of being, doing, having.

2. Think of ways to increase the wealth of others as you increase your own wealth

YOu could create jobs for a few other people, you know?  And it si entrepreneurs that bolster an economy by creating wealth and the movement of wealth so undertake wealth creation as a responsibility to your country and your community.  Create wealth for others as you create it for yourself.  Yes, there will be some that judge you foolishly but you are making their life better so do not allow their limited views affect the life that you create for you and your family.

3. Setbacks happen.

See it all as a test of your commitment to create the life and the business that you want.  Look again at your kids, your family, your community and make a commitment to step up your game regardless of the pains that may arise as you choose to step into abundance.  Setbacks are to be expected, you are ever-expanding and increasing your capacity for abundance and that stretching comes with a few tears as you open wider.  No worries… Just keep moving forward.

4. Be confident

A lot of the reason why many, including myself, have remained in lack is because we choose to listen to the silly voices inside that tell us that we are not ready yet to step up.  And so, make a decision to be confident and ask for exactly what you want out of life.  There is no question as to whether you deserve it or not.  You are alive and kicking and so therefore, you can have whatever you set your mind to having.  You just need to ask for it.

This is not an excuse to wait for confidence.  That never works.  It is just a call to recognise where you hold yourself back because you think you have to be confident first.  You don’t.  You have to choose to ask for what you want and take action to create it.  You almost always know exactly what you need to do but if you do not just get on with doing it, then you will never have the wealth.  So, just get on with it and choose to be confident even when you do not feel it yet.

5.  Do The Work

Yes, you must get your head in the right place to create wealth but that alone will not work.  You must act as though there is no room for doubt.  You must act and act and act!  You must continually take action regardless of what setbacks come your way, what other people think and even what you think.  It is tough work to create a life and business that you adore and that comes from a place of purpose so no more looking for easy street and magic button solutions.  Instead, buckle down and do the work.

Remember this, money itself means nothing so you can have as much or as little of it as you want.  Just simply ask yourself if this is all you want out of life or not.  If you want more, then you are allowed to get it.  Know that and choose to create it.  Do not let internal fears get in the way.

Welcome money into your life by removing the blocks inside of yourself and getting to work.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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