Every day, you have one less day to realise the vision in your heart

Are you doing everything you can to live it out?

Every day, you feel less sure that you can change the trajectory of your life…

Every day, you get more and more stuck in your ways…

Every day, you give up a little more…

Turn that around, honey!


You do have passions and you do have a purpose – a reason that you are here and it is found in the things that you like to do.  It is found in the things you think cannot make you any money…

What do you do in your spare time, thinking that you just cannot do that as a business or some form of profitable enterprise?

What do you think is simply impossible for someone like you to monetize?

What if I could prove to you that there is a way to monetize it?

What if I could prove to you that you could be responsible for all your current responsibilities and still live out the call on your life?

But why should I even have to prove it?

This is YOUR LIFE!

Why on earth do you think that you would be given a gift, a vision if you were not also supposed to figure out how to make it work for you?

What kind of a higher power would taunt you with a dream that you could not have?

Why do you believe that nonsense?

So many questions! 🙂  Think about it though.

If you believe you have a vision that can change lives, make a difference on the planet, why do you think that you will not also be provided with a way to prosper in it too?

The problem is simply that you separate it from money because there is a part of you that STILL THINKS money is bad and only to be earned doing things that are equally bad.

Money is energy and it can be directed any which way you want it to go.

It is a tool for you to use any old how you want to but if you keep allowing this nonsensical way of looking at the world to continue, you will not flourish.  You trap yourself by your own thinking!

Why not open your mind to possibilities?

I know you fought hard to get to this place of relative comfort but honey, you know there is more for you!

You know that that story of yours is one that could help other people

You know you have skills that could help more people

You know you are destined for greatness!


You do not like being told what to do and when to do it so why not find your own way!

I get it, you have bills to pay and I am not saying drop everything in order to begin again, unless of course, you do not have responsibilities like Children, partners, parents etc…

Most of us do though so you have to be committed enough to create space for exploring possibilities…


but you have to be open to look for it!

The basics of business are simple…

Have a product which can be a service, book, music, art, other people’s products, your own invention, whatever…

Find a willing audience by communicating your heart, your stories and lessons with them

Capture them into your world by giving something away for free – the right ones for you will take it up

Follow up and close some sales – tell them how you can help them more and ask them to buy – Selling really is service!

That is it!

Now, in order to keep it this simple, you are going to need to shift some internal blocks that make you think this is impossible – They may be religious, familial, relational or just crazy nonsense of not loving yourself enough to believe in your ability to make a great life.

All that stuff needs to be handled because without your head being in the right place, it is nigh on impossible to do what it takes to get the results you want to get.

And so, I can ramble on here forever but I need you to know this


You simply have to be willing to play full-out and go after something that may currently feel alien to you.

Will you do that?

I can help

I have 2 options for you and frankly, i KNOW you should take them both on.
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Much Amazing Love

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