There’s so much more to life than just being right.

There’s so much more to life than just doing everything perfectly.

Own the fact that if you are going to go beyond what you have experienced in the past then mistakes are inevitable.

Don’t punish yourself for growing.

Do not allow anyone else to punish you for growing either. (Just get yourself away from them as soon as you can as they are probably determined to live a very contained, ‘safe’ and boring existence. If you are not careful, they will try to take you with them as they confuse/belittle you with their ‘superior’ logic & reason.)

It’s ok to expand your life via making mistakes. You cannot learn everything from a book or from someone else’s life. You already tried that and surely you know by now that just because some person did it one way, does not mean that you can do exactly what they did and get the same result.

You actually have to experiment.

You actually have to go out on a limb which may sometimes break.

You actually have to grow into the person that creates the life you desire.

And no, the Divine is not going to shield you from everything, my love, no matter how spiritually connected you think you are. And I guess you can blame Him for it all, if you like, but that won’t get you anywhere either.

You are here to experience & enjoy LIFE, all of LIFE – the ups, the downs, ALL OF IT!

And with an open, wild heart/growth mindset, you can HAVE FUN with your mistakes as you uncover the amazing power you have to recover from everything and come out even stronger.

You can be proud of you and your resilience and tenacity and relentlessness.

You will discover things about yourself you did not even know existed.

Just don’t give up on yourself because your life does not look like others think it should, in the transition period.

AWAKEN to your TRUE DESIGN LIFE in all its glory.

Freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and a love-drenched existence will be revealed as you revel in ALL OF LIFE, mistakes and all.

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Much Amazing Love

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