Let me be very clear from the get go… You are not weak!

You are strong, you are powerful and yet you pretend to be less than who you are because you want people to like you!!!! Really?!!!

It is kinda crazy, isn’t it?

You live this half life holding desperately to people who do not get you.

You hold on so tight to people who make you less than who you are and you wonder why you feel so dissatisfied.

You are creating your life on THEIR terms!

You plan your daily activities based on ideas that hold you back, ideas that hinder you and you wonder why you get nowhere quickly!

When will you dare to look inside you?

To really look inside and face the weakness inside so that you can stop using your energy to suppress it and instead use all your energy to be the strong warrior you really are?

The work I talk about is not for the weak hearted because what you will see inside of you at first will make you feel a little sick!

You will not believe the stuff you are allowing to control you and you will see yourself for who you really are.

And then you get a choice…

Will you allow the truth to scare you witless and so you push it right down and use all your energy to stay stuck…

Or will you allow the truth about why you are still where you are to be the thing that propels you forward?

Let me give you some facts here…

You have been scared to death that people will not like you when you choose to go full out for what you want out of life so you have made yourself less in order to fit in, in order to feel loved, in order to pretend to not be lonely and yet…

You look at your life and you do not completely like what you see so you have mostly stopped looking.

This was not how your life was going to play out when you thought about it in your teens and twenties!

You were not going to turn into your parents, were you?

You were not going to be just comfortable, you were going to be a leader, you were going to do something amazing, you were going to have a shit load of money, you were going to be happy!

You knew you had a purpose and you KNEW you were going to live it out!

You KNEW what you wanted then and you KNEW you were going to create it.

Then life happened…

Life with its disappointments…

When you tried to live to your TRUE DESIGN, people withheld their love from you.

So you gave up your freedom to jump through the hoops your boss put in front of you, your pastor put in front of you, your parents put in front of you,

You even started to believe that your children put hoops in front of you to jump through in order to ‘love’ them well!

You stopped being ‘you’ in order to satisfy all the people in your life and because you were afraid of losing something you did not even have.

You wanted the certainty of being loved, you wanted someone else to give you a hand up, you handed who you were over to them on a platter and they did not even care but you kept giving anyway!

And because you have never ever really been you, you never ever really believed anyone cared for you anyway because you thought that if they saw the real you, no one would stick around anymore.

So you hid you!

You became what they wanted you to be or so you thought…

And inside, you knew you were dying…

You plastered a smile on your face and you pretended all was well!


IT IS NOT, is it?

It is NOT well with your soul, is it?

You are fed up and you might even be sick. One illness after the other assails you as you keep living this half life!

You start things, you give them up.

Your business never thrives!

And yet, you still hold so tightly to this fallacy of a life!


Remember who you really are!

Remember the dreams, remember the certainty you had that things were going to work out.

So what if it has not gone to plan yet?

So what if people do not get you?

So what if you have to break free from all that nonsense so you can rise to the surface and be free!

You are not on this planet to live jumping through the hoops of another!

Uncover your TRUE DESIGN.


That person has a lot to do and that person is truly powerful!




YOU are not weak, You are strong! You are a warrior!

You are not poor, YOU ARE RICH! There is an abundance within you that you have not tapped into!

You are not blind to the nonsense holding you back, YOU CAN SEE IT AND YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!

It will demand that you face your fears about being unloved, being alone, being unable to actually make things happen but …

The other way – the way you are living now – is very very certain.

If you continue, you will very certainly end life feeling unsatisfied! IS that really what you want?

Instead, you could have a life filled with adventure, filled with wealth, filled with fun work that fulfills you, surrounded by people on the same path as you who care about YOU! The REAL you!

No, you will not get there tomorrow – After all, it took you some time to create this dissatisfying life so expect some hard days as you pull yourself out of it!

However, the journey is worth it!

Will you choose to step into your powerful, strong warrior self?

Will you choose to make the difference on the planet you actually were created to make?

Will you choose to start new income streams based on your TRUE DESIGN?

Will you dare?

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