Are You the Missing Jigsaw Piece? Come Alive

Come Alive

Imagine this with me… A world of darkness with dots of light scattered around the place.  Who carries the light and what exists only in darkness? Those dots of light shine up through people who have remembered what it means to be true to themselves, people who have come alive whilst the darkness only exists in people who do not know why they are here.

We all start up as children with lights shining brightly from birth.  We are loved (mostly) and cared for, we revel in who we are.  Adults look on at us and see the light within us and either they are unnerved by all this bright energy, they desire it for themselves or they encourage us.

Unfortunately, there are more adults in the dark than there are in the light so gradually, our light begins to dim as we conform to life all around us.  We become practical, we are sent to a school that seeks to make us exactly the same as everyone else around us.  We are kept in check, we are kept in line, we begin to forget our unique uniqueness.

We go home each day to parents who are tired from their attempts to forget who they are, to conform, to fit in and again and again, we are shut down as our parents lovingly try to help us be ‘successful’ in a world that seems to demand conformity. We are firmly guided to careers that will pay rather than those that will suit us.

We rebel or we gradually fall into line.  There is no room for exploration – we feel guilty and angry or we become passive. All the time, the light within us is getting dimmer.  We feel it but we are too young to do anything to stop it.  We learn to please the people around us or we join a peer group that rebels against the norms around us.  However, even in that peer group, we seek to belong so we learn to please the group rather than the whole.

We hit adulthood and are thrust into the world where we must find a way to survive in order to be independent. And whatever our youthful dreams, we create a means of survival that is more likely than not, something that does not suit our internal nature but we choose to live with it.

At this point, our light is practically snuffed out but on the face of it, we are successful.

The world suffers as a result.

Now imagine again with me, a world where this cycle did not happen.  I believe that each one of us has a particular purpose to live out. That the universe, God has placed each one of us exactly where we are for a reason.  We are each a missing jigsaw piece and when we live as we are created to live, together a beautiful, light filled picture ensues.

We were created to be in community, not individuals.  We are created to serve the whole by being completely our unique selves.

Unfortunately, that is not the world we see at the moment.

In our world currently, we hear words like world hunger, desperate poverty, female genital mutilation, depletion of natural resources and all that ‘fun’ stuff and I wonder if it is because people have not yet truly come alive.

I see a picture of people building successful businesses that serve the community around them, people with a scientific bent creating new resources for the world to enjoy, people with a creative streak calling out to people’s light to shine again.  Each person doing their bit to remember what their part in the whole is.

It is never too late to come alive again.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes

you come alive, and go do it. Because what the

world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

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