The journey to success, especially when you define success as financial freedom – a state where you are making more passively then you are paying out for expenses.  That state is only available to the mentally strong because the journey you have to go through is TOUGH!

There will be days when you wonder if you will EVER break through and every time you reach a seeming roadblock like that, you must understand that that is where many drop out of the race – Will you stay standing, walking towards your goals or will you wimp out like a norm?

I may sound harsh but sometimes, people try too hard to hide you from the reality that if you want your dreams to turn into reality then it takes a WHOLE LOT OF DOING & BEING to make thoughts reality.

You have to have mental toughness – Do you?

A mindset that will win – Do you have that?

The thing is you can develop it, if you are willing.  Are you?

1. You have to Have Faith

I think I have already started to explain to you why you absolutely need a solid faith that will withstand the tests that will inevitably be thrown at you.  The thing you are doing may be failing and yet, you keep a strong belief in yourself and your ability to turn it around or figure out a new route to your destination.

Do you have faith?

2. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable

Let me remind you that everyone and I really do mean, EVERYONE, wants to be successful.  Everyone wants to make money easily though a lot of people lose heart and try to settle for whatever they can get.  So, this is the thing, if EVERYONE wants something and lots of people do not have it, you must know that it is because most people would rather ne comfortable than wealthy.  And that is okay for them but for you, yo have to get comfortable with being massively uncomfortable.  Because there will be days when you feel stretched and tempted to cover your head and take a break – Will you?  Or will you keep putting one foot in front of the other with a will that refuses to die.  Will you refuse to give fear a foothold in your life?  Will you keep moving forward?

3. Are you being pushed or are you being pulled?

Ok, so are you controlled by your fear about what will happen if you fail, if you lose face, if people laugh at you?

Or are you pulled by the vision of the impact you want to have on the world?  Both motivations can cause you to succeed but one will give you a hollow success because you are always trying to defeat your shadow whereas the ‘towards’ motivation of the mentally string is more resilient and fulfilling and gives a more wholesome, fulfilling success?

When you think of being successful, what vision fills your mind?  Is it helping you or hindering you?

4. Victim or Creator?

This one seems so obvious and yet, the victim mentality, the entitlement mentality is so subtle at times, that you may miss it.  And victims do not win – It is as simple as that.

Let this be your mantra – “If it is to be, it is up to me”

Events may happen but you always choose your reaction to said events.  And some events could have been prevented if you had taken more responsibility before it became troublesome.  YOU have to take full responsibility for all the results you experience, even when it seems obvious that it is not your fault.  The moment you try to make it anyone else’s fault is the moment you become a victim.  And as I said, victims will never win.

Will you create the life and the business you want?

5. You have to question any religious thinking that makes you a victim at the mercy of ‘God’s’ whims

It is scary to question one’s religious beliefs.  You may have been brought up to think that you cannot take a step without literally hearing a word from the heavens that allows you to move.  And you were trained to fear this unseen god and so you do not question anything – you take everything on blind faith and there is even a part of you that feels that there is something wrong with this picture but you are too scared to face it.

If you want to win at this one life, you have to find the courage to question whatever seems to hinder you.  You can no longer use your spirituality as an excuse for letting your abilities go to waste.  You have to MOVE!  Truth stands up to scrutiny – It really does so stop hiding away from what feels like a lie.  Yes, you may cause a few eyebrows to raise when you start to question certain things but it is worth it for your freedom.

Will you face your ‘god’ and make sure it is not just traditional thinking you are following?

6. Choose to have fun

Life and business is a game and when you get too serious and too much into ‘survival’ mode, it is very hard to stay in the game.  You will get further when you start to have fun with your work than you will by forcing yourself to move.  Do work you absolutely love, do work that makes you come alive.  People will look at you and think you are oh-so-sacrificing but to you, it feels good, it feels like fun, it feel amazing and exhilarating.  That is work that is easy to stick with, even when the going gets tough!

Most ‘norms’ look at the result of a certain field of business and a certain star performer and think they can copy it but they forget that the star performer is able to do it because it is a part of his/her makeup.  I mean, they could give you the step-by-step, they could come live in your house and show you exactly what to do but because you do not have their unique makeup, it may not work for you.  You have to learn the broad ideas from them and then get specific based on what makes you come alive.

Go on, think about it – What makes you come alive?

7. Do You Know Your WHY?

I touched on it in an earlier point but it bears repeating.  What are you working towards?  What si the big idea? And what is the huge reason why it is important to you?  HUGE is not measured by anyone other than you.  To other people, your BIG WHY may seem silly, deluded and just plain old too small.  They are not the ones that matter.

When last did you take the time to keep asking yourself why you are willing to put yourself through the fire to get the result you claim to want?  Is it worth fighting for?  Is it worth doing more than most of the people in your world will ever have the courage to do?  It has to be or else you will become a ‘norm’ dropping out of the race every time it gets tough and living a life of regret that you did not stay the course.

Do you know your BIG WHY or your ‘whys’? Are they enough to keep you on the narrow path? Make a list now.

Are you tough enough?

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is here to support you in leaving behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

Come rise victorious in your true design life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

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Much Amazing Love

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