What could you do in 40 days?

More money? More Clients? More Focus?

40BBBBeing a Mum, being a Business Owner – It is not always easy.  In fact, some days it can feel like it is NEVER easy.  And yet, within you , within me, is a drive, a determination to make it all work.

I remember when I decided to take my business seriously, I had been self employed for years but was barely breaking even with all the family commitments and the stupid choices I made.  After dabbling at my own thing for ages, I decided to get serious.

What made the difference?

Time to Step Up my GameMy Kids!

Suddenly, I was not playing at it anymore.  I remember waking up to the fact that unless I changed something I would need to go back to my 6 days a week 12hour days as a pharmacist to keep things going.

I was going to start business and I was going to do it well this time.  Being a mum of 3 little princesses, struggling with a lack of sleep, there was no way for me to faff around doing a little of this and a little of that, so I decided to invest in my education.  I wanted to pick someone’s brains and put myself on the fast track to the life I wanted.

Immediately, I started reading, surfing the net, seeing what was out there, I enrolled in a VERY Expensive (think thousands!) property education program – My husband’s eyebrows touched the roof!!! 🙂  ‘How does more debt create less debt?’ was certainly on his mind!

But you know what?  I was committed!  I was absolutely committed to creating life the way I wanted it.  And thankfully, my investment paid off, it just had to!

And then, people wanted to know what I was up to, how had I left my job?  How can I help them?  How was I, ‘The Most unlikely person to ever start a business‘ creating success with it?

And that is where coaching began.

So tell me,

  • Are YOU fed up of not getting the results you want in your business?


  • Are you, like me, determined not to end up back at work?


  • Or maybe you are just starting out and frankly, you just do not know where to start?


  • Are you holding back from full commitment to this venture just in case it does not work?


  • Are you slightly overwhelmed by all the things you really should be doing but actually doing nothing because of fear?


  • Are you arguing more with your partner about money as the business seems to eat it up and give you nothing in return?


  • Would you like an extra 100, 200, 500 or more in your business each month?


  • Are you ready to discover the steps necessary to turn things around?

Yes?  then this program is for you.  Three Levels to Choose from:-

Three Levels


My name is Rosemary Nonny Knight.  I have worked for myself for over ten years.  And as I mentioned above, I was a pharmacist working all the hours available to me until I had my kids.  I realised there had to be more to life.

And finally, I got the courage to find out!

I decided to build a property business from scratch.  In less than 2 years, I replaced my Full Time, 60 hour a week, Pharmacist Income and now have a business that runs without too much input from me.

Then, people started to ask me to help them start their own thing and create a life they loved which is where I discovered my true passion.  The passion to serve people in creating profitable businesses and a fulfilled life that made them free.

  • Free from Financial worry

  • Free from a lack of control over where they spend their time

  • Free to be completely themselves

I want the same success for you.  Do you want that too?

Do you want it enough to do what it takes to create it in your life?  To create it for your family?  The truth is, It is not just about you, is it? 

It is certainly not about your fears and self-imposed limitations, It all comes down to what you are willing to do to ensure the financial security of your family and also to create a business makes you satisfied with who you are.

The days of choosing either to be at home with the kids or to pursue a career are fast coming to an end.  Technology has created a different world for all of us.  People anywhere in the world are cottoning on to the fact that there are more ways to make a living than was the case even ten years ago.

But Remember this:-

Wealth & Prosperity are created in Service. 

Entrepreneurs are created, not born.  Maybe, you have been an employed member of staff for your whole working life but now, you want to do your own thing.  Somewhere inside you, you have always wanted to do your own thing, and now with the kids, it seems like a great time to do it.

So you have gotten stuck in, thinking you will just transfer all your skills from the last place to your own thing.  However, you are fast realising that running your own business is a bit more than that one skill you brought out of the corporate world.

Now you have to have a vision, you have to translate that vision into reality all by yourself – You have to market, you have to sell, you might even have to employ staff all by yourself!  And the enthusiasm for this monster of a business is beginning to wane.

Well I am here to tell you that: –

I have been where you are and I came out the other side and you know what, so can you!

You CAN create a successful business and now is your chance to pick up the essential skills that will set you and your business up the right way.

Remember Business follows certain rules wherever you are in the world so this is for you wherever you are,  as long as you are determined to keep moving forward

Starting on Friday, 31st January at 1pm and for the 40 days following, (8 hours teaching & 40 days implementation), you have the opportunity to be part of an intimate group of twenty female entrepreneurs (Men allowed if enlightened! ).  People determined to learn the  skills and strategies required to make their business more profitable in the shortest possible time and to do this around their families.

So, whether you are in network marketing, an artist trying to sell your art, a business that sells a product or service, an ebay-er, someone who bought a franchise, there is something in here for you.

Let me tell you what you are getting: –

Every five days for 40 days, you can take part in the following live 1 hour webinars or you can listen to the recordings shortly after at a time convenient to you.

  1. 31st January 1pm – I Write the Vision and make it plain – Goal Setting with a Twist – Determine the one thing you must know that will enable you to create the business you want that gives you the freedom you want.  You must think differently from the norm and that is what this module will do for you.  By the end, you will Know the vision and it will be a constant reminder about where you are going with this.

  2. 5th February 1230pm – I Master my Money – Get Your Books in order using these simple strategies.  Most business owners cannot even think about this part without coming out in a sweat.  This module deals with the important bits that need mastering and leave the rest to the qualified people.  You just need to know certain figures to send you on your way to making them better.  This module will keep your focus on the important figures so that you take full control of things you can change.

  3. 10th February 8pm – I Confidently Set my Prices – Determine the best price for your offering without your ego being attached.  Pricing – Come, let me show you the best way to determine your price.  Get rid of your money blocks and decide to attract the best customers with your pricing rather than struggling with all the rest in the bid to be the cheapest.  Learn where to place your focus when setting your prices.  Never be afraid again as you consider your prices and talk about them with prospects.

  4. 15th February 2pm – Does anyone know who I am online? – Online Marketing – Facebook, Twotter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest – So many choices, how do you decide what is best for you?  Are there other hidden opportunities that you remain unaware of.  What can you do to increase engagement?  How can you be seen online?  This module deals with the practical things you can implement immediately to increase your visibility online.

  5. 20th February 12pm – Does anyone Know who I am offline? – Offline Marketing – Though online is all the rage these days, there are still effective strategies available offline that could give your online activity a lot more help.  Combine the module before with this one to get your marketing machine in place ready to announce to the world that you are here in a big way.

  6. 25th February 8pm – Make Me Contagious – Learn how to influence people without being aggressive, pushy or just plain mercenary.  Learn to care for your clients while getting them what they want or need.  This is such an important skill to pick up – the art of influence.  It will change the way you deal with everyone in your life whilst increasing your bottomline profits.

  7. 2nd March 5pm – Can I Sell my Way to the Top? – Get your Selling skills to the required level – A business will not survive without sales so it is time to learn the skill you need.  Lets drill down into the most effective strategies for sales improvement and in the group, We will address your particular business concern and I will give you ideas to take you forward.

  8. 7th March 1pm – I Will Serve the Many – Ensure the product/ service is delivered in an efficient and referral generating manner.  Figure out if you need a team to streamline the process and how to go about doing that.  Needless to say, learning how to ensure your product/service goes out to as many people as possible will definitely increase your revenue.  So getting this in place is essential.

Each module has been specially chosen to represent the things you need to ensure your business is set on solid ground.  And in 40 days, you and your business will not be the same again.

In addition to the webinars above

  • You will get a workbook for each presentation so you can fill it in and make it personal to you. (Level 1, 2, 3)

  • You will also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can bounce ideas off me and the other people in the group. (Level 2 & 3)

  • Fit it all in around your busy schedule as the presentations will be made available in the group or to you privately. (All Levels)

  • As a Bonus, there will be special secret interviews on various topics of interest to business owners.  These will add incredible value to your 40 days as they inspire you to move forward. (Level 2 and 3)


  • If you take the top tier option, you will also get a private one to one session with me to discuss their particular business challenges and 10 – 15 minute weekly accountability sessions as well.   This is priceless as you will be held to your word – no stories, just commitment to your planned route of success – we will not leave that session until you know exactly what to do. (Level 3)


  • Can’t Make the Live presentation?  I have placed them at various times to ensure you can make a few at the very least.  If you really cannot then you will definitely receive the audio and video recordings shortly after the presentation ends and it will be available forever in the Private Facebook Group. (Level 2 and 3)


  • And also, in addition to the live presentations, you will get TWO Group Coaching calls where you can come along to speak to me live and ask any questions you may have. (Level 2 and 3)

So are you ready to keep moving forward?  What a difference 40 days can make!

Stella Says,

“Mum in business coached me for 4 hours and I went out and did it. I had this fear of ‘what if it does not work’ which she helped me to break. She is awesome. Those of you who want to do business but have worries about the unknown, I strongly recommend her if you want to succeed quickly.”

Fran says,

“Thank you so much for helping me to get “unstuck” you have really helped me move forward and get a clearer idea of where I’m heading with my business!”

For less than £3 a day this one time, you will have access to all of the above.  This is valued at £299 and it will not be available at this price again so choose your level and jump on board for

  1. £32 (Approximately $63) – Level 1.  – Get the Videos and Audios and Worksheets.


  2. £50 (Approximately $77) – Level 2 –  Get all the above, Be part of the Group, and the Group Coaching Calls


  3. £97 (Approx. $163)- Level 3 – This is the best – Get all the above and private one on one accountability calls as well.  The calls alone are valued higher than the price of the program. 

This is the one time, it will be offered at this price because it is a new program.  After this, expect everything to be available at higher prices.  Get on board by the end of Thursday the 30th January to be part of this incredible program.  Your Business WILL grow, YOU will not think the same again.

Lets get you started building your incredible business.

Three Levels


  • If you’re not completely convinced that the level of training and guidance the 40 Day BBB gives you is head and shoulders above anything you’ve ever gotten anywhere else…
  • If you’re not 100% confident that your membership will turn you into a financially independent entrepreneur with the personal freedom most only dream about…
  • If you implement the information and you see no results…

…simply contact our support team at team@mum-in-business.com to demand a refund.

But I don’t think you will…


Well, the information and assistance you will get in this program is

  • convenient – you get to do it from home around your family
  • timely – it is not information that worked 20 yrs ago in some book, it is down to earth, up to date information that you can use immediately to change the course of your business
  • responsive – you are part of a group where you have direct access to my expertise all day, every day. No negativity allowed, no pity parties, just brainstorming and solutions. You are not alone.

The results you will get for being a part of this program will put you on the right path for time freedom and financial freedom.  I look forward to hearing your results.

Choose your level Below.

Three Levels