Would You Like A Simple Personalised Plan To Swiftly Build Your Spiritual Business To $100K, For Free?

You have a divine purpose and it includes making a difference on this planet with your skills and wisdom.

This is the thing: You are unique

Your message is unique

Your experiences are unique

This makes the way you deliver your wisdom and services different from anyone else.

And the people you are called to serve, are waiting to hear specifically from YOU!

However, because you are you, there is a way of promoting your business that you would enjoy doing...

And a way that you would NOT enjoy doing.

Most spiritual entrepreneurs are caught up trying to grow a business in a way that does not resonate with them because they think they HAVE TO do it that way. That does not have to be you and it hardly ever works anyway! (If it does work, then you face the horror of having to keep it going in a way that feels bad - most people sabotage their success when this happens. I certainly did!)

Here is another truth - The Divine made no mistake when your vision was placed within you, with your specific likes and dislikes

so, KNOW THIS - There IS a unique path for you to your $100K spiritual business that helps people, transforms lives and makes a difference

I can help you distill that out.

Schedule a free 25 minute PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT session now by clicking the button below.(Please only book a session if you are truly committed to investing time, money and energy into building a purpose-driven business that helps people and creates a substantial income for you.)

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✅ You are an action-oriented spiritual person who wants a personalized strategy that will help you transition from an unfulfilling career/business into your own spiritual business using your natural gifts, life experiences, current skills, spiritual wisdom, self-help knowledge to coach, heal, advise, teach, counsel.


✅ You are a coach, spiritual teacher, healer, energy worker, therapist, spiritual advisor or something similar with some clients but you have not reached the income level you desire and you want a clear, personalised simple strategy to ramp up fast.


You are ready NOW to invest time, energy and money in starting or growing your spiritual business and would like support to speed things up

Click The Button Below To Get The 25 Minute PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT Session (Normally $597, Available On This Page Only For FREE)!


During this 25 minute session, we will work together to ...

✅ Get crystal clear clarity on the best strategy to get you to $100K fast

Discover the hidden challenges that keep you procrastinating, second-guessing and holding back from creating the income you want (and the cost of waiting too long to launch)

You will leave this session...

🔴 Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire

🔴 Knowing exactly how working with me can support you to bring your impact and income goals to life more easily and swiftly than you can alone (assuming that we are a fit to work together. There is no obligation for you to work with me.)


Click The Button Below To Get The 25 Minute PERSONAL $100K BLUEPRINT Session (Normally $597, Available On This Page Only For FREE)!


"While most people celebrate their birthdays by taking the day off, I was fortunate to be exposed to the impact of the mastermind herself, Rosemary sharing her gift of insight, expertise and strategic planning.  

I left our consultation with the tool of information to immediately implement into my business with a clear plan for success. I would recommend that any person that desires to be great in the marketplace invest their time with a conversation and apply the plan and enjoy the results. I was given a life changing program name that will revolutionize my business and I have you to thank." 

Z. Moss

"This is to certify that I worked with Rosemary Nonny Knight for three sessions over six weeks. During this time, I experienced her advanced intuitive skills, insight into business problems and caring guidance. She successfully pointed out aspects of my situation I could not see or gave different perspectives to difficulties I had. Her focus & ability to concretize issues is truly phenomenal and definitely rubbed off on me. I feel more confident in my abilities, skills and knowledge that the Divine fully supports my endeavors. I unreservedly recommend working with Rosemary as a Coach & also recommend listening to her songs and watching her videos. Bright Love to Rosemary, her goals and intentions, from the bottom of my Heart."

G. Daniels. MasterHealer|Poet| Inner Transformation Facilitator.

"Being coached by Rosemary was an extraordinary experience for me. Rosemary was able to listen to all of the debate and chatter that had been going on in my mind for months. She was able to understand where I had been stuck and to help me pinpoint exactly what I did want from the next stage of my life. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Rosemary." 

L Reid

Rosemary Nonny Knight

From Rosemary Nonny Knight, Author of 14 books, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant to Female Coaches, Healers, Therapists & Spiritual Teachers, Advisors!


The first thing to know is that I am all about freedom! What does that mean? 

Freedom from yuk relationships – Family, friends, intimate relationships, the whole shebang 

Freedom from yuk careers/businesses – If it no longer feels good then why keep doing it? 

Freedom from rules about your sexuality and how you play that out – This is so critical if you are a leader, you need your creativity and that arises from a free sexuality and the ability to love all of you, whatever that means to you. 

Freedom from conventional rules about how your whole life should play out – If you are anything like I used to be, you feel pretty constrained by people’s agendas and expectations of you. And you may have always felt you had to live that way but NOPE, you don’t! 

Freedom from your past – How you began is definitely not how you have to end… 

Freedom to follow your calling, whatever that is 

Freedom to impact as many or as few people as you want wherever you are in the world… 

Freedom to start your own business and make as much money as you want… 

Freedom to travel and see more of the world in which you live… 

 I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive and as I kept trying to conform to other people's expectations for me.

Finally, I stepped up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It worked! and still works – I completely replaced my income & quit pharmacy in 2013/14. 

And then I started to work with clients from all over the world enabling them to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past, uncover their TRUE DESIGN & create a fulfilling life & highly-profitable business.

I also realised that clients found it hard to do the marketing things that I found quite easy to do and so I also started offering DONE-FOR-YOU email marketing, social media advertising & Lead generation services, in addition to DONE-WITH-YOU Business Mentoring Services.

 Working with me means you get the benefit of my marketing expertise that has resulted in me creating a multiple six-figure business for myself and supporting clients in creating highly-profitable businesses of their own

I am blunt, I do not mess around. I may be spiritual & deeply connected to the Divine but I am VERY practical too and I will be straight with you and you will create new paying clients fast and grow your income. There is no holding back, I do whatever I need to do to get you into action, creating the 6 figure income you want fast. 

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