What if I told you that you could live life however you want to, doing whatever you like? Would you believe me?

And if you did not believe me, what would you think the obstacle was?

Would you think of money?

Would you think of all the money you do not quite have, that gets in the way of you doing the stuff you would really like to do?

Or maybe you would think of how you do not want to lose the money you have worked so hard for, to go after what feels like a pipe dream?Master Your Money

Of course, you may do that, if you like or…

You could listen to the little voice inside of you that kinda hopes that there really is a way to create a successful life and potentially, do work that actually makes you feel pretty good.

And you could join me on this 30 day Adventure –

Master Your Money – The Foolproof way to put cold hard cash into your bank account, grow your business and create wealth that lasts even if you never EVER seem to have enough at the moment!



master your moneyFor many, it is the fear of not having enough money that holds them stuck and bound doing things they do not want to do any longer.

They stay stuck in situations for far too long because they are worried that if they try and do something different, they will have no money, no status, no nothing.

And so, they remain in place doing the same old, same old – living a life that does not make them happy at all.

They are bored each and every day but they convince themselves that this is the only way and so years fly by, and all they have is regret & wishful thinking but nothing much else.

Does that sound a little like you?

What if?

What if by ignoring this opportunity, you are choosing to deliberately keep spinning your wheels rather than create a business, a life that you are proud of!


What if the thing stopping you from having all the money you want is the fact that you keep holding desperately to a familiar, comfortable life that is pretty dissatisfying?

You and I know that there is more to you!

What if there is actually another way to live?

Is it going to be easy?


After all, you spent such a long time convincing yourself that your way was the only way to live so, of course, it is going to take some doing to get you out of your rut!

However, once you do that, once you get your head clear, you will be able to create the wealth you want at will!


Master your Money

So… will you join me in getting ‘unstuck’?


Because ultimately, it is your choice to decide whether life remains the same in 2015


You could decide to face your money stuff head on!


You could decide to stop listening to all the other people in the world who are not making things happen and choose to become different.


You could choose to stop believing there is sooo much scarcity in the world and believe instead in abundance.


You could start to actually create a life you really like, making money while doing stuff you really, truly love!


And that is what this is about.


The Warrior’s 30 day Master your Money Program is all about that!


It is all about getting this money stuff dealt with once and for all!


  • It is all about exploring the fears and underlying doubts about money that hold you in a life you do not like.
  • It is all about learning how to attract money into your present right now in your own business
  • It is all about investing your money so that it keeps flowing back to you.


And I am on this immersion experience with you.

Start The 6 Week (30 Day) Program Now…

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DSC_8878-EditMoney for me, has always been a source of angst.


I have done things that bored the living daylights out of me because I needed the money.


In the past, I have not let myself experiment with new things because I was scared of losing money.


I spent money like an idiot because I did not know how to keep the money once I made it.


The more I earnt, the less secure I felt and it all ended up in a mess!


I went bankrupt, I sold my house, I got depressed and I thought all was lost.


And for 4 years, I buried my head in the sand and still, I struggled with money.


I started to think that that whole ‘financial freedom’ malarkey was for other people, definitely not for the likes of me!


I sold all my personal development books, I resigned myself to being a pharmacist for the rest of my life, I got fat and had babies and STILL, I struggled!


Do you have a story?

Do you have a money story?

Are you still stuck in your money story?

Or are you fed up yet?


My bad money story started to end when I realized that burying my head in the sand was not a winning formula for success.


I had to face down my fears, my inner head stuff and it was hard and still can be, at times.


As I go from level to level in my business and in my life, the same fears come up and try to hold me back from what I absolutely know is my destiny.


And yes, it may sound wishy-washy to you but this is my reality.


In order for me to break through to the next step in my life, I have had to face down these very fears that are probably holding you back as well.

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Know this: What is most private is most general!


We all go through this stuff and some keep trying to pretend they are above it all.


In the meantime, you wonder why you remain in struggle, and why years fly on by and nothing much changes, no matter how hard you work or bored you get!


You start to resent those who seem to have it easy but the truth is, you do not see their secret places so you do not even know if there is anything to be envious of!


And let me remind you of something…


There is probably no pension to depend on so if you are hoping that somehow, burying your head in the sand, like I did, is going to solve your money issues, then you have another thing coming.


If you do not take responsibility for your own stuff, guess what?!


Life going forward is not going to be pretty.


The truth is, it is not your fault!
We have been trained to think this way but there comes a day when you choose to turn it all around.


You can make that day, today!

You can choose to come on an adventure with me and decide that no matter what age you are at, you are going to turn things around starting now!


I am on this journey with you. I have found financial freedom in a very short space of time but now, I am ready to start making multiple 6 figures each year and I find that in order for me to step up a level, I have to deal with my money stuff.


And I say, ENOUGH!!!!!!


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Is it time for you to stop doing stuff that brings you no joy and start fighting for the life and business that will make you fulfilled, happy, wealthy and a master of money!


How cool would it be to create money easily & feel great doing it? Knowing that you are providing something amazing to the people in your circle of influence!


How cool would it be to stop thinking ‘ I cannot afford it’ and instead think ‘How can I afford it?’ and KNOW that you can actually create the finance.


How cool would it be to no longer be afraid about whether your mortgage will get paid if you started to do something different?


How cool would it be to work and make money when you want, where you want, doing whatever you want to?


Please do not misunderstand me…


I am not saying it is all going to be honky dory in 30 days (though it could be!) – I am saying you WILL face down and demolish the fears that hold you back from creating the wealth that could be yours.


Money can be such an emotional subject and yet, when it comes down to it – It is only money!


It is not life or death!


You CAN replace it!


The only thing you cannot replace is the time you spend making money in a way that makes you unhappy, overworked and a slave to ‘the man’! (whoever the man is to you!)


So, here is my invitation to you.


Join me on this incredible adventure

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Join me on The Warrior’s 30 Day Master Your Money Program & make this coming year, YOUR year of WEALTH & living the life you want to live Starting NOW!


We begin immediately and each day – We will explore together how to become masters of money.


Each day (5 days on, 2 days off) , you will receive a daily journaling sheet and/or videos/audio mini bites (not all at the same time) to help you dig deeper into your beliefs surrounding money and why you do not have as much of it as you want.


You will take part in exercises to challenge yourself.


I will expose you to the thinking of the masters in this realm – Michael Neil, Steve Chandler, Stuart Wilde, Tony Robbins, Wallace D Wattles, Napoleon Hill, John DeMartini, Gay Hendricks, Wayne Dyer, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and so many more.


You will get my years of introspection, study and a whole lot more – All condensed into this 30 day (6 week) period as again, I go back to grassroots and show you how I have created a life that allows me do what I love.

Over this period of 6 weeks (30 working days), we are going to explore

  • Wealth Mindset

  • Wealth Creation in the short term

  • Wealth Creation that lasts


How much is that worth to you?


After reading all this, you probably wonder how much I am going to charge you for this and guess what?!!!

You pay a grand total of $197 $94 dollars in two instalments of $47 $32 each

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