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Marketing Tips
As a Business Coach, I end up meeting quite a few clients who get stuck when it comes to their marketing. They keep using the same old marketing tiptacs that do not work for their business or even worse, they do not use any at all!

For instance, I worked with an independent pharmacy once that depended completely on the footfall from the surgery which was erratic at best. They had no plan, they just did what every other ‘almost successful’ pharmacy did around them and needless to say, they were sinking fast.

By spending time in a strategic session with me, we were able to put together a plan using a few of the marketing tactics i list below to draw in more of a crowd and therefore increase sales and profits.

Or there was the online ebay store seller I worked with who also spent his whole life in front of the computer hoping and dreaming of new clients coming his way with minimal effort from him. His only marketing plan was to keep all his listings updated regularly and that was it! The truth is, just because you build it, does not mean they WILL come!

We worked together to implement a marketing plan that doubled his sales in a very short period of time, just by thinking through his marketing tactics and implementing a more cohesive strategy.

So let me give you a few marketing tips that work in most markets and yes, of course, you will have specific needs but you will find a few marketing ideas in here that you can use. Remember, consistency is key. Do not think you will do something once and all your profit problems will end!

  1. Advertising in a local or national newspapers, magazines, the good old yellow pages or Thomson Local, etc.

  2. Write Articles – Is there a trade publication that your prospects read? Send in articles talking about the issues that mean something to your prospects and applying it to your product.

  3. TV or Radio Advertising – Now, I understand that TV may or may not be way out of reach for most small business owners especially if you are just beginning, however, you never know what your local radio offers at non-peak times. Ask.

  4. Direct Mail:Have you thought of sending vouchers in the mail to a list you have rented that matches your ideal client types. Learn more about Direct mail. With the crazy influx of unwanted emails in people’s inbox’, a personally addressed marketing piece may well be exactly the thing that does the job for your prospect.

  5. Text Messaging –Everyone pays attention to what comes on their phone especially if it is not an intrusive phone call. Invite people to your website (which of course you have) where they have some kind of inexpensive bait to hook them in.

  6. Telemarketing – Yes, I know – Most people hate to make that ‘cold call’ and yet the reason why it is still used is because it does actually work. Remember you do not have to do it all yourself. Watch out for the Better Business Blueprint Course coming soon which will take you through how to script your cold call for best results.

  7. Business Networking – The Federation of Small Businesses, 4Networking, The Chamber of Commerce, and more. All of these give you the opportunity to meet people.

  8. Newsletters – Physically mail them out or create an email marketing campaign. The choice is yours. Nothing like the real thing though 🙂 which is not to say that you cannot make email marketing work as well. The key here is lead generation. Find a way to collect people’s contact details from the start of your business or at least, start now.

  9. Customer Referrals –Have a referral building campaign, get your current customers on board to help you market your business by giving them special offers, invite them (bring a friend) to a closed door event, think out of the box and see how you can recruit clients to help you grow your business.

  10. Public relations (PR) –Have you moved premises? Have you bought a new piece of machinery? Can you link up with a charity and promote that? Anything is ‘news worthy’ depending on how you write about it. It may also be wise to work with a PR person or pop over to a site like Fiverr and ask someone to write one for you.

  11. Exhibitions & Conferences – Obtain a stall and promote your business at any thing that your prospects may be at. Do workshops where appropriate or give talks – It gets people more interested in what you have to offer.

  12. Website: Of course, every business is well worth having one of these as an online brochure. However, that is just the beginning. Just because you build it, does not mean they will come.

  13. Leaflets – These are so basic that business owners can forget how useful they can be for targetting local areas.

  14. Social Media Marketing – Start speaking to an audience – There are millions of people on social media – Even a small propertion of these people could cause your business to flourish. Again, this is something you can outsource if you cannot spare the time though having someon your prospects can relate to is better than random messages that sell all the time. It can be cheap but it is pretty time consuming.

  15. Pay Per Click Advertising – It can be a money drain if you do not do it right but it can also be a goldmine of customers if you do! So definitely worth looking into.

So, of course, there are many, MANY more ways to promote your business – the question is ‘What works for your business?’

The idea is not to use every single one of these strategies all the time, the idea is to test each one of them where it can work in your business and find the ways that consistently get you measurable results.

It can be hard work to put a marketing strategy together but that is exactly what you need to do. You will be head and shoulders above the rest if you invest the time in creating a plan that works for you over and over.

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