I have been marketing for a month. Why isn’t it working?

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Why is my marketing not working yetSo you are in business and you have been giving it your ‘all’. Both time and money and still nothing seems to be working. I mean, you have done everything under the sun for the last MONTH and still nothing!

Surely, it is time to try a new tactic…

Surely there is some secret idea out there that is being hidden from you…

Surely, you just need to pull back before you go bankrupt and burn out with all the money and time being spent…

And yes, I guess you are beginning to realize what my answer is going to be to you!

One month is nothing at all in marketing.

NOTHING at all.

I get this question all the time with prospects who think they are really doing their very best to put themselves out there and they feel it should all be working like yesterday.

I can hear the frustration in their voices as they tell me that they have tried that already and it did not work for them. And then I ask how long they had tried it and it turns out they have been in business for about 2 weeks and nothing seems to be working yet.

I try not to smile…

And then there are those who have been in business for quite some time (well, usually a few months) and they too have tried everything under the sun and nothing is working for them.

They keep waiting for the secret.

In fact, the really cheap ones are hoping to get the secret in the complimentary session so they do not have to pay for anything. If I had a secret, then I would definitely give it to them and send them packing, I would give it to them so I never have to see them again J

(On a side note, this is one reason why complimentary sessions with me are practically non-existent without a few hoops being jumped through.)

Anyway, people have these expectations that everything needs to happen the moment they put any effort in and only a few great ones go the distance. I would suggest this is why there is such a high failure rate in business because everyone is looking for the easy button and no one is committed when it gets really tough.

And it does get tough at times, particularly at the start when you are trying to learn all kinds of new skills. The questions become…

How easy is it to get you to quit?

How big is your dream?

What are you willing to do to make it happen?

Because if you are only in this for the short haul, get off this train right now. Will you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again and again AND AGAIN to infinity?

Or will you quit because you have tried a few things and not quite got the result you wanted. The answer is to reassess and keep moving forward, not to keep questioning if you are wrong.

Are you implementing a system that has worked for someone else?

Yes? Then it can work for you with a few tweaks. Tweak and get into action, stay in action with full focus on the result you are going for.

Be focused on doing whatever it takes to get there.

WHATEVER IT TAKES. No more griping, worrying and wishing.

Get into work and stay in work until one day, it feels so easy, you wonder why on earth you were so worried! And then you keep doing the work anyway but now it is a joy to see what a little effort and discipline can do for you.

Time to fight for and create the life and business you want.

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