5 Ways To Market Your Business Online

Market your business online

Starting & growing a business can be one of the toughest things you will ever do if you do not use everything at our disposal.  Getting past the hugest hurdle that most business owners have is essential.

If you have been in business for any longer than a day, you will know that the great, big, huge hurdle business owners face is getting more customers into their business.

You start up, you think everything is going to be honky-dory and then you wait and wonder why noone is beating a path to your door.  After all, you told a few friends what you were up to, right?  so why are things not working out the way you imagined it?

You might even know that you are pretty amazing at your work but still you cannot seem to get people interested in working with you or buying your products.

At this point, you start to frantically wonder what can be done to improve things so you look at online marketing.  It all seems so intense so you stop looking again.

But then you realise that you have tried practically everything else so surely it is worth a go.

And here are some ways that will help you get started.  Nothing happens overnight but delaying any further just means you are wasting more time.

Here are 5 potential options for you to market your business online…

  1. Facebook Marketing

    Have you set up a Facebook business page yet?  There are millions of people on Facebook and this is an easy way to create a platform for yourself.  With the new algorithm changes on Facebook, it becomes essential to purchase advertising from them but depending on your product or service, this may work really well for you.  There is hardly any business that will not benefit from having a presence on Facebook, particularly if you are a B2C business (business to consumer)

    Pop over right now and set up your business page.  Get some tips on this in the free book – Get Their Attention and Make them Buy

  2. Google Adwords

    Google Adwords are a great way to get your message out as well.  The great thing about this and Facebook advertising is that you only pay when people click on your advert, hence it is called pay per click.

    Get to know who your ideal client is and what kind of things they would be searching for on google and then set up your adverts to show only when those keywords are searched for.

  3. Blogging

    Google being the mammoth provider of leads that it can be, it would help you to ensure you are noticed on Google all the time when your prospects are searching for more information or someone to buy from.  Blogging enables you to set yourself up as an expert as you provide useful content to the people you want to attract to your site.

    This is not an easy way to get customers as it can take time to build up a folloing but if you combine the above two with this one, you take control of how many people see your content.

  4. Article Marketing

    This is taking blogging to the next level.  Instead of just posting content on your site, you can wite for other sites that already have an audience with a link to your site so that people find you in places they are already looking.  For instance, you can publish a post on Linkedin or ezinearticles.com or you can ask other sites to allow you to publish on their site.  Again, this improves your expert status to your prospects.

  5. Email Marketing

    All those contacts you have in a bowl or drawer somewhere -( people you met and did not stay in touch with? ) – Depending on how you got their contact details and when last they heard from you, it may be wise to get yourself a simple customer relationship manager like Aweber or Mailchimp.

    Find out more about Email Marketing by listening to this masterclass I did for my Wealthy Warrior Alliance a few weeks ago.  It will help you set things up.

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